UK Magento Hosting

Magento is a flexible open source ecommerce application packed with loads of features, making it ideal for people who want to build and maintain their own online stores.

Magento is known for its wide array of features, including useful reports and analytics, search engine optimisation tools, multiple checkout options, an iPhone optimised interface, and much more. Plus, there are lots of Magento extensions and themes you can use to change the look of your store or add additional functionality.

Is Magento Right for You?

If your store has 500 products or fewer and only a couple of extensions, then Magento should perform well on our shared hosting platform. However, there are a number of steps you can take to optimise Magento for shared web hosting. If you have over 500 products or a large number of extensions, then your store probably isn’t suitable for shared hosting, and you may need VPS hosting or a dedicated server.

You don’t need to have a lot of coding experience to use Magento, but you’ll find it much easier to customise if you have some knowledge of HTML and CSS.

If you need some help along the way, you can check out Magento’s knowledge base which contains articles, tutorials, screencasts, documentation, and more. Alternatively, you can visit their forum where you can ask the community for assistance. If you’re you still not sure if this is the right open source ecommerce application for your needs, then try a demo of Magento’s admin panel or storefront for yourself!

Magento Themes and Extensions

There are lots of free and premium themes available for Magento, so you can easily change the appearance of your online store. There are Magento themes available in a wide range of colours and styles, so you should be able to find a template that works for your site’s needs.

Themeforest offers loads of themes for Magento, but they don’t offer free templates. However, there are lots of free and premium themes on Magento’s official site, and these themes are suitable for a number of different industries and businesses. Plus, Magento’s website is a great resource for free and premium extensions which you can use to easily add additional functionality to your online shop!

Magento and Evohosting

Our shared web hosting servers have been configured to help ensure your Magento site’s optimum performance, and you can quickly and easily install Magento with the help of Softaculous, our 1-click software installer!

Not sure which hosting package you’ll need to use with Magento? Don’t worry, we’ve made it easy for you! You can install and run Magento on any of our UK web hosting plans, but our Ecommerce Hosting plan was designed especially for people who want to create and maintain online stores — it comes with a free domain name, Magento (and tons of other free scripts), and a free SSL certificate (when you sign up annually or biennially), so you can have everything you need to create your own online store for only £164.99/year+VAT (includes SSL certificate) or £16.49/month+VAT (excludes SSL certificate). The best part? Evohosting offers a 14 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!