by Theresa
The best hosting I've ever used

I've been with Evohosting coming up to six years now and not once have I had any problems with uptime or site speeds. It is one of the most consistent, solid, rapid and reliable web hosts about with an effective, friendly and informative customer support team that's swift with resolving the rare issue. Ultimately, for the service, support and features one gets, it is more than worth the cost. I'm so glad to have discovered Evohosting and hope it continues to excel and improve itself.

by Rob Davies
reliable hosting

We recently migrated our site to a new, faster server - Evo's team did it very fast, kept us informed throughout the process, no issues - would recommend Evo Hosting to anybody looking for business hosting.

by Adela Mei
Superb service.

Superb fast support and exceptional service, thank you! In particular Tim and Andy go the extra mile, thanks guys. Patient polite and professional 🙂 I had decided to try out another hosting company, which lasted about 24 hours before I realised that I was not going to get the same level of service from them that Evohosting provides. Without a glitch I was back with Evohosting... and putting it all down to experience! Highly recommended.

by Dean Clapham
First Class Service

Had an issue with my outgoing email that was resolved in quick time as usual.Andy T has always sorted out any issues promptly which doesnt happen very often.Excellent once again


by Paul Marshall
Going the extra mile Part 2

I have previously thanked the support team for helping to extract some old data from a website that is no longer hosted by Evo. They were partially successful and I was grateful and thought that was it. Oh no, I then receive an email saying that they have resurrected a temporary version of the original site. I was able to access everything and get what I needed. What service ! They even followed up by asking " is everything ok etc etc, can you get what you need ". To be honest I could not believe their level of customer service, and must be the best I have EVER received. I have lived in a few countries, including the USA where they pride themselves on their customer service. Maybe, but always thought it was a bit forced to say "have a nice day" at 8pm in the evening. If you want to "have a nice worry free day " go to Evo Hosting - they must literally be the best.If my son has problems with his current "hosts" (and it was not his decision to change) he will definitely be back with Evo. Thank you all so much. Paul

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