Switching to Evo

Making the switch to Evohosting is incredibly easy, and, with proper planning, it can be accomplished with minimal/no downtime.

Transferring the domain

    • If you transfer your main domain to Evohosting, we’ll keep it registered for you, for free, as long as you are on a 3-24 month payment plan. This is our most popular option. Depending on how quickly or slowly your existing domain registrar acts, domain transfers can take 1-7 days . (Advanced users: We will also manage your DNS for you in case you want to use an external mail server or have A records that won’t point to our services. Evohosting does not charge for DNS modifications)
  • If you update the nameservers on your domain, you will continue paying to keep it registered and maintain full control over it. By changing the nameservers, you are pointing the domain to the server at Evohosting you will be hosted on. You will be able to find the correct nameservers (there are two) in your cPanel and the welcome mail you will receive from Evohosting; they will look something like the following: nsXX.3v0.net

If you choose to transfer your domain, we strongly recommend you change the nameservers BEFORE transferring it — some domain registrars / web hosts can be very slow to transfer domains.

Transferring your website

Does your existing web host use cPanel? If so, we can transfer all of your data, email boxes, MySQL databases, and other settings over to Evohosting. Better yet, this service is completely free! If your existing web host doesn’t use cPanel, then you will need to copy your data over. However, just let us know if you need help, and we’ll do our best to guide you through the process.

How to arrange your website transfer

    • Sign up to Evohosting. Be sure to save your welcome emails — they contain important information. If you have a web designer, make sure you send a copy to them.
    • Find out if your existing host uses cPanel, and Evohosting will transfer your data! If your existing host doesn’t use cPanel, then you will need to transfer your data.
    • Contact Evohosting’s Sales/Customer Services Department with your existing cPanel username, password, and server IP or domain name. We’ll reply back to you between 0800 – 1800 Monday-Friday with the date and time we can move your site. We can usually initiate site transfers within 24hours, and we will let you know when the transfer is complete.
    • Log-in to your ‘temporary switching-to-evo/url’ to make sure your site is still working properly. Your temporary URL will be something like http://server.3v0.net/~username/ — let us know if something is broken, and we’ll fix it for you.
    • Once your data has has been transferred to our servers and your site is working properly, you will need to change your nameservers. Log-in to your domain registrar and have them change your nameservers to the nsXX.3v0.net nameservers found in your welcome mail. Within 6-48 hours, your domain will be pointed to your webspace at Evohosting. Make sure you do this after all your data, email addresses, databases, etc. have been uploaded to our webspace.
    • If you’d like to transfer your domain to Evohosting, please order the transfer from the client area. Select “My Domain” => “Transfer Domain Name” from the main menu. Make sure your domain is already ‘unlocked’ and ready to be transferred to us. If the domain is a .uk domain, then you’ll need to ask your registrar to change the ‘IPS-TAG’ on the domain to ‘EVOHOSTING’. If the domain is a com, net, org, info, biz domain, then request an ‘EPP-KEY’ from your existing registrar and use it in the domain transfer order form. Then, we will keep you up-to-date every 24-48 hours on the progress of your transfer.
  • Once your domain has been transferred and you’ve made sure everything — site, mail, etc.– is working, it’s time for you to cancel your existing hosting services and begin enjoying a trouble-free experience courtesy of Evohosting! If you ever have any questions, you can contact us 24 hours a day for advice and support.