DokuWiki is a standards compliant and easy to use Wiki for creating documentation of any type. DokuWiki is designed for small businesses, workgroups, and developer teams. DokuWiki has a simple yet powerful syntax which ensures the datafiles remain readable outside of the Wiki and simplifies the creation of structured texts. All of the data is stored in plain text files, so databases are not required.


Mediawiki is a powerful wiki system that was originally created to power the Wikipedia project. Mediawiki is ideal for individuals, organisations, and businesses managing a large amount of documentation.


PhpWikiis a WikiWikiWeb. A WikiWikiWeb is a website that anyone can edit via an HTML form. Linking is aoutmatically done on the server side, and all pages are stored in a database.


PmWiki is a wiki-based software application for the collaborative creation and maintenance of websites. PmWiki pages look and act exactly like normal web pages, except they have an "Edit" link that makes it easy for individuals to modify existing pages and add new pages into the site. Users don't need to have any knowledge of HTML or CSS, and the admin can choose to allow anyone to edit pages or restrict it to certain individuals.


TikiWiki is a content management system (CMS)/Groupware application that offers a large number of features "out-of-the-box". TikiWiki is highly configurable and modular, and all of its features can be administered via TikiWiki's browser-based interface.


WikkaWiki is an open source application for creating wikis, and it's powered by MySQL and PHP. Some of this script's features include lightweight, flexible, and standards-compliant code, SafeHTML for security, referrer management with blacklist support, inline Flash support, user statistics, revision control tools, and much more.