Free Video Scripts


ClipBucket is an open source video application designed to help users create and manage their own video sharing websites, and it comes with an FLV player, SEO-friendly URLs, easy video, group, and user moderation, a channel system, playlists, a social network, a customisable profile page, a search engine, Ajax-based reporting, ratings, favorites, and comments, daily statistics, and more.


This open source video script helps users create their own video sharing sites, and CumulusClips offers support for uploading, rating, and commenting on videos, mobile support, plugins, themes, video embedding, automatic updates, and more.

Prismotube Express/h3>

Prisomotube Express is an open source version of Prismotube, and this video application lets users quickly create their own niche video sites. This script will automatically pull content from YouTube's API based on a set of keywords and automatically refresh video content on a daily basis.


VidiScript, and open source video application, allows users to create video sharing communities like YouTube, and it features an SEO-friendly design, a powerful admin area, FlowPlayer for selling ads and streaming live videos, interactive profiles, and more.