Free RSS Feed Scripts

Feed On Feeds

Feed On Feeds is an open source server-side news aggregator with support for Atom and RSS, which enables users to read items from multiple news sources on a single web page.


Gregarious, an open source web-based ATOM, RSS, and RDF feed aggregator, offers simple administration and configuration and Ajax-powered item tagging.


selfoss is a lightweight open source script that allows users to view tweets, posts, and feeds in a single place, and it offers keyboard shortcuts, support for mobile devices, and an extendable plugin system.


SimplePie is an open source PHP-based RSS feed application with a focus on standards compliance, speed, usability, and compatibility.

Tiny Tiny RSS

This open source RSS reader offers support for mobile devices, OPML export/import, Atom, RDF, and RSS, article scoring, detecting and filtering duplicate podcasts and articles, and more.