Admidio is an open source membership management application, and it features access control, configurable profile fields, a guestbook with support for comments, announcement and appointment management, configurable membership lists, and more.


collabtive, an open source project management application, offers a number of features, such as unlimited tasks, tasklists, milestones, and projects, messaging and instant messaging, timetracking, activity logs, timetracker reports, full UTF8 support, and much more.


dotProject is a web-based project management software application that provides project layout and control functions. dotProject provides project managers with a tool to manage various tasks, schedules, communications, and information sharing.


Eventum is a project management script designed to help companies track support requests or software developers manage bugs and tasks, and it features a flexible and user-friendly design, email integration, issue reporting, a command line interface, a time tracking tool, SCM integration, and more.


eyeOS is an open source application which enables users to create a private cloud for collaborating on projects and developing applications. Some of this script's features include the ability to access files, applications, and documents remotely, real-time notifications, file sharing via URLs, and much more.

Feng Office

Feng Office is an open source project management script which enables users to collaborate with customers and co-workers. This application has a number of features, including email, web links, time tracking, tasks, workspaces, calendars, notes, user administration, and more.


Flyspray, a PHP-based open source bug tracking system, is simple but effective, and it features a web-based design, comprehensive task history, CSS themes, support for file attachments and multiple projects, advanced search, RSS and Atom feeds, dependency graphs, and more.

Mantis Bug Tracker

MantisBT is a popular web-based bugtracking system for web developers, and it works with most web browsers. MantisBT is written in PHP and works with MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL databases and a webserver.


Mound, an open source project management script, offers a number of features, including development workflow management, time tracking, a fast and simple system for rating projects, and much more.


NetOffice is an online project management software application with team/client collaboration, task change history, user management, multiple access levels, tasks, client project sites, projects, time tracking, file approval tracking, notes, CRM, and Gantt charts.


phpCollab is a web-based system for projects that require collaboration online.


PHProjekt is a groupware system for sharing documents and information via the internet or via intranets; it can also be used for coordinating group activities. PHProjekt's components include a calendar, time card system, project manager, file manager, and contact manager.


ProjectPier is a PHP-based software application for managing projects, tasks, and teams via an intuitive web interface. ProjectPier helps organisations collaborate, communicate, and complete tasks.


qdPM is a web-based open source project management application specifically designed for small teams with multiple projects, and it allows users to manage people, tasks, and projects. Plus, qdPM includes a ticket system, discussions, a scheduler, support for multiple languages, users access controls, reports, and more.


SiteDove, an open source project management application, tracks changes to a website's files, making users aware of any security breaches. SiteDove includes daily and monthly reports of modifications, as well as an exclusion list which allows users to choose which files they want to monitor.


TaskFreak! is an open source application for project management, and some of its features include the ability to order tasks by deadline and priority, GTD compliance, the ability to organise tasks by context and project, and more.

The Bug Genie

The Bug Genie, an open source project management and issue tracking application, has lots of features, such as a timeline of a project's history, separate spaces for each project, automatically generated roadmaps, custom issue fields, issue reporting, easy issue editing, wiki pages, issue linking, custom workflow, command line tools, graphical configuration tools, and much more.


todoyu is a web-based project management application designed to help teams and clients collaborate on projects, and it allows users to define deadlines, give feedback, delegate tasks, create reports for billing and time, schedule meetings, and more.


Traq is a PHP-based project management application designed to track issues for multiple milestones and projects, and it includes a project timeline, a repository browser, a plugin system, email notifications, and more.