PageCookery is an open source micro blogging application powered by MySQL and PHP. PageCookery is focused on stability, efficiency, discovery, sharing, and security. This script can be customised using templates, and it offers an Ajax comment system.


Sharetronix is a popular open source micro blogging application with lots of features, including SEO-friendly code, a Twitter compatible API, user profiles, content tagging, real time RSS aggregation, and security settings. Also, you can post from Twitter to Sharetronix, or from Sharetronix to Facebook and Twitter.


StatusNet is an open source micro blogging application you can use to connect and share with your own domain. This script will enable you to build and interact with your site's community, and it offers a lot of cool features, including file sharing, mobile access, a customisable interface, and compatibility with social networks.


Storytlr is an open source micro blogging and lifestreaming application, which you can use to share and document your online life. This script has a number of great features, including a range of templates, simple status updates, compatibility with social networks, and more.