Free Framework Scripts


Bootstrap is an open source framework for building websites, and includes Javascript plugins, a responsive 12 column grid layout, and a web-based customiser.


CakePHP is an open source framework for web development, and it features MVC, Front Controller, Association Data Mapping, Active Record, built-in translations, validation, caching, and authentication, CSRF protection, SQL injection prevention, scaffolding, code generation, and more.


CodeIgniter is a powerful, free framework system for the development of PHP-based web applications. Development is achieved through the creation and editing of files. By providing a rich set of libraries for commonly needed tasks, CodeIgniter enables users to develop projects much faster than they could if they were writing code from scratch.


Codiad, an open source IDE framework, is web-based, and it offers support for over 40 languages, a plugin library, error checking and notifications, 20+ syntax colour themes, real-time collaborative editing, customisable source, and more.


DIY is a lightweight open source framework with an MVC design, fully object-oriented PHP5, XSLT-based views, ORM support, and an emphasis on RESTful resources and URIs.


FuelPHP is an open source PHP 5.3+ framework with full support for HMVC, and it comes with input, XSS, and URI filtering, SQL injection prevention, interactive debugging, base classes for models and controllers, output encoding, and more.

HTML Purifier

HTML Purifier, a PHP-based open source HTML filter library, helps users create standards compliant applications which are free from malicious code.


This lightweight open source HMVC PHP5 framework for web development features i18n and UTF-8 support, a cascading file system, easy integration with vendor libraries, a loosley coupled architecture, and more.


Laravel is an open source framework for developing PHP applications, and it offers an expressive and simple syntax.


PHPDevShell is an open source GUI application for developing administrative interfaces and web-based applications, and it provides simplicity, usability, and security.


Prado is an event-driven open source framework for developing PHP5 web applications, and it offers separation of logic and presentation, Ajax-enabled web components, selective output caching, generic caching modules, XHTML compliance, support for localisation and internationalisation, and more.


Smarty is an open source template engine designed to help separate PHP from HTML/CSS, and it comes with a simple syntax, a PHP backend, flexibility, security, and more.


Symfony, a PHP open source framework, offers flexibility, stability, and speed for developing PHP applications.


This open source framework is designed for manipulating images, and WideImage includes an object-oriented library, support for common image formats, easy image loading, saving, and editing, smart coordinates, resource handling, and more.


Yii is an open source framework designed to help developers create complex applications, and it comes with form input and validation, MVC, ActiveRecord, DAO, error logging and handling, automatic code generation, functionality and unit testing, a layered caching scheme, an extension library, and more.


Zend, an open source framework, helps web developers build reliable and secure applications, and it offers object-oriented best practices, a tested codebase, simplicity, and more.