AEF (Advanced Electron Forum) is a bulletin board software application written in PHP and MySQL. AEF has a simple and easy to use Administration Panel and installing this software is a breeze. You can install new themes and customise themes to your exact specifications. The User Control Panel has a simple and attractive interface where users can set their preferences for the forum.


bbPress is an open source forum application from the makers of WordPress. This application has a number of features, including simple code, easy administration, themes and plugins for customisation, spam protection, and easy integration with WordPress.


FluxBB is a light, fast, and user-friendly forum software application. FluxBB's PHP-based code has a proven track record of security and stability.


FUDforum, an open source application for online forums, offers lots of features, including a spell checker, i18n support, a templating system to help you customise the look of your site, a group permission system, polls, private messaging, full text search, topic and forum subscriptions, and more.


miniBB is an open source script for creating and maintaining online forums, and it comes with a number of features, such as flood protection, HTTPS compatibility, SEO-friendly URLs, private messaging, Captcha module protection, email verification upon registration, IP/user bans, and much more.


MyBB is a bulletin board system software application developed by the MyBB Group. MyBB uses a standard discussion board structure that visitors will find very intuitive. Plus, MyBB allows visitors to use the user control panel to alter the way they view discussions. Visitors can easily start and reply to discussions and markup their posts, and forum administrators and moderators can use MyBB's inline editing and moderation features to control discussions and keep the forum organised.


Phorum is a PHP and MySQL-based forum software application that meets the different needs of various websites without sacrificing performance or features.


phpBB is a high powered, fully scalable, and highly customisable bulletin board software application. phpBB boasts a user-friendly interface, simple and straightforward administration panel, and helpful FAQ, making it a great community solution for websites.


PunBB is a fast and lightweight PHP-based discussion board software application. PunBB is smaller, faster, and less graphically intensive than other discussion board software applications, but also has fewer features than its competitors.


Question2Answer is an open source application designed to help online communities share information, and it comes with features like notifications, voting, commenting, user rankings and points, an integrated search engine, and more.

Simple Machines Forum

SMF is a professional grade software application that enable users to set up their own online communities in a matter of minutes. SMF is PHP-based, and it uses MySQL databases. SMF's powerful custom made template engine provides the user with complete control over the forum's layout via the Server Side Includes, a function that enables a forum and website to interact with each other.


UseBB is a light forum software application that is simple and very easy to use. UseBB is the ideal forum software application for small or medium sized websites.

Vanilla Forums

Vanilla, an open source application for creating and maintaining online forums, can be integrated with existing blogs and websites. This script has lots of features, including themes and addons, a messages and announcements facility, email integration, SEO-friendly code, mobile device detection, inline moderation, and much more.

XMB Forum

XMB is a lightweight PHP-based forum software application that is easy to install, configure, customise, enhance, and maintain.