Free Education Scripts


ATutor, an open source education application, features social networking, messaging, feedback, file storage, work groups, a content package viewer, group blogs, communication tools, and more.


Chamilo allows you to create educational content and track students' results, and it includes tools for a variety of learning styles, such as visual, practical, and auditive.


Claroline is an Open Source eLearning and eWorking platform that allows educators to build effective online courses and manage learning and collaborative activities on the internet. Translated into 35 languages, Claroline has a huge worldwide community of developers and users.


DoceboLMS is an open source SCORM compliant education platform, and it offers generation and printing of PDF certificates, pre and post-assessment management, a curricula and course management system, a course catalog, an internal search engine for the content library, web authoring, and more.


Dokeos is an open source education script, and it allows teachers to create and manage courses and students to read content and participate via chat, forums, and groups. This application offers podcast support, mindmaps, time tracking, certificates, video conference support, quiz templates, and more.


eFront is an open source education application that offers a test engine, social tools, extended analytics and reports, a unified learning environment, an emphasis on user experience, and more.


Moodle is a course management system script to help educators create effective online learning communities. Moodle can be used for everything from a single-instructor website to a site for a university with thousands of students.


This open source education script is designed for creating online exhibitions, and Omeka offers batch importing and data sharing, online visitor interaction, security features, the ability to represent data in different contexts, metadata input and support, and more.


OpenBiblio is an open source PHP-based library management system, and it offers school calendars, internationalisation, request management, a MARC parser, image support, biblio view and edit, bulk deleting using barcodes, and more.


TCExam, an open source education application, helps teachers create and administer online exams, and it includes internationalisation, data importing and exporting, unique tests, community support, and more.