ExtCalendar is a web based calendar script for multiple users, and it includes recurring events, group and user management, template configuration, categories, and more.

Flat Calendar

Flat Calendar is a simple calendar system designed for users who need calendar and event book functionality. Unlike most of the available calendar and event book scripts, Flat Calendar stores all of its events in flat files on the server without the use of a database.

Installatron Clock

Installatron Clock is a simple script that allows users to insert a static or dynamic text-based date and/or clock display on to a webpage. The display is highly configurable, and it is very easy to insert into any webpage.


phpicalendar is a PHP-based software application that parses and displays shared icalendar-compatible calendars on a website.


phpScheduleIt is a PHP-based online reservation and scheduling system that enables users to register and place reservations for various types of resources, such as meeting rooms, machines, computers, etc. The administrative side of phpScheduleIt allows complete control over resource data, user permissions, reservation data, and it has many configurable settings.


WebCalendar is a PHP-based calendar software application that can be configured as an event calendar viewable by visitors, as a single-user calendar, or a multi-user calendar for groups of users.