Free Business Scripts


Dolibarr is an open source script for managing small and medium businesses and organisations, and it comes with a service and product catalogs, contract, payment, shipping, order, stock, and bank account management, directories of contacts, suppliers, prospects, and customers, an agenda, data export tools, and more.


EGroupware is an open source application designed for small and large businesses, and it comes with a project management tool with bug and time tracking, a web-based authoring system, an integrated webmail client, a contact manager, a calendar with scheduling support, a knowledge base, a wiki, inventory management, and more.


FrontAccounting is an open source application designed to help small businesses manage purchase orders, stock, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payments, allocations, inventory, deposits, and more.


GLPI is an open source application designed to help businesses manage their inventory, and it includes a profiles and permissions system, support for exporting data into multiple formats, event notifications, administrative and financial information management, and more.


This open source human resource management script offers lots of different modules to help users manage personnel, including leave, employee information, timekeeping, recruitment, application tracking, performance reviews, and more.


PHP QR Code is an open source script for generating QR codes, and it features easy configuration, alphanumeric, numeric, Kanji, and 8-bit encoding, TCPDF 2D barcode API integration, error logging, time benchmarking, merge tools, and more.


webERP is an open source accounting/ERP application designed for a range of different types of companies, and it comes with features like contract and shipment costing, inventory and lot tracking by serial numbers, purchase and sales orders, a fixed asset register, support for multiple languages, currencies, and tax rates, sales analysis, PDF reports, and more.