GPixPixel, an open source advertising website script, uses Pixel advertising (advertising costs are based on the number of pixels an ad uses), and it has lots of features, including a payment history manager, a multi-language template editor, newsletter templates, and modules for payment processing.


Kamads Classifieds allows users to create and manage classified ads, and it includes an easy setup and even easier to use features. Kamads Classifieds can be used as a standalone, or it can be included in an existing webpage. Plus, Kamads Classifieds comes with an admin section that allows users to add, modify, and delete classifieds.

Noahs Classifieds

Noah's Classifieds is a popular classified ads system with a modern Web-2.0 feel, features, and amazing new feature variations and functionality.


OpenClassifieds is an open source application for creating advertising websites, and it is powered by PHP. This script offers a number of features, including a views counter, compatibility with mobile devices, SEO-friendly code, pictures per item, and more.


OpenX, previously known as OpenAds and phpAdsNew, is an advertising banner system. OpenX is a powerful ad serving solution that provides publishers with control over online advertising.


OSClass, an open source script for creating and managing a classified ads website, offers multiple features, such as SEO-friendly code, multi-language support, themes and plugins to help you customise the appearance and functionality of your site, and more.


PHPads is a simple PHP script for the management of banner ad rotations. PHPads includes an admin panel that enables the administrator to add banners and specify the duration of the advertising campaign, as well as view the stats of a banner ad campaign.