Top ten tips for… earning money from your blog

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Whether you’re looking to bag a few extra bucks or attract enough cash to give up the 9-5, check out our top ten tips on turning your blog into a mini or mega money-spinner…

Love is all you need

That’s BIG love for what you’re writing about. If you’re serious about monetising your blog, you need to invest serious time and commitment. Without a passion for what you’re penning, your interest (and any hope of earning big) will undoubtedly wane.
Let it grow, let it GROW

Before embarking on your quest for cash, you must first a) create an amazing blog b) attract an impressive flow of traffic c) nurture a trusting, loyal audience.

Keep it real

Few people earn mega bucks from blogging but it’s not impossible. Blogging about a niche, underserved subject matter around which you can provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise is the perfect starting point and is the trade secret of many successful bloggers.

Clickety click

Feature ‘display ads’ on your blog’s sidebar, header or footer and you can get paid per view or click. There are lots of ad networks (i.e. the ‘middle man’ stood between you and your advertiser) out there but the most popular is Google AdSense – it’s free, user-friendly and places suitable ads onto your pages.

Cut out the middle man

You can approach potential advertisers (individuals or small companies) yourself. Connect with fellow bloggers’ ad pages or media kits for insight into pricing or visit Beacon Ads to find out what traffic-magnet blogs are currently charging.

Pitch for sponsorship

Approach a company and tell them why it’s imperative they sponsor one of your posts, newsletters or even podcasts. Sponsorship can be a) in-your-face (e.g. a post that’s all about XYZ’s new healthy eating range) or b) subtle yet influential (e.g. a post that offers tips on healthy eating that’s ‘bought to subscribers by XYZ food manufacturer’.

The art of affiliate marketing

Put simply, this is sliding unique ‘affiliate’ links into your copy and, when a reader clicks through and purchases a product, you earn money. Be savvy with your links, don’t oversaturate and ensure you genuinely rate the stuff you’re promoting!

Create an E-book… and sell it!

There are bountiful cyber resources offering advice on creating your E-masterpiece so make the most of them. If you have specific skills and knowledge, you might also give some thought to selling online courses and webinars.

Lock away your prize content

If the world and its cat can currently access your content, consider locking some of it away and charging for access. Remember; the words, photos or videos within these new VIP areas needs to be super-exclusive and certainly nothing found elsewhere after a 6-second Google session!

Sell, sell, sell!

We’re not just talking physical items that you perhaps create yourself, we’re thinking the actual services/talents that helped make your blog successful such as copywriting, marketing and photography. Once you’ve made it as a pro blogger, you could even charge for kick-starting blogs for folks who envy yours!


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