Instagram Plugins & Extensions for WordPress, Joomla & Magento

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If you use Instagram, an increasingly popular social network which allows users to share, like, and comment on images, then you have to check out our favourite Instagram extensions and plugins for Joomla, WordPress, and Magento.

We’ve found some great extensions which you can use to add galleries of your Instagram photos to your website, automatically create posts using your latest images, enable your customers to add their own images of your products to your online store, and much more.

WordPress Instagram Plugins

DsgnWrks Instagram Importer

dsgnwrks instagram imported wordpress plugin

If you want to have your own copies of your Instagram photos without manually downloading them, then you need to try DsgnWrks Instagram Importer.  This free WordPress Instagram plugin allows you to import your images to your WordPress site and create an archive of your photos.  DsgnWrks offers lots of customization options, so can you choose to only import images with certain hashtags, select the tags you want automatically added to your photos, and more.

oEmbed Instagram

oembed instagram wordpress plugin

If you need an easy way to embed your Instagram images into your WordPress posts, then you have to check out oEmbed Instagram.  With this free Instagram WordPress plugin you can embed your photos into your posts just by pasting the URL of your Instagram image.  oEmbed Instagram is a simple yet time-saving plugin for people who use both WordPress and Instagram.


instapress wordpress plugin

If you’re looking for a single tool to help you add Instagram photos to your sidebar, posts, and pages, as well as create image galleries, then Instapress might just be what you need.  This free Instagram WordPress plugin includes lots of customisation options, so you can choose the size and number of photos you want to display, as well as the images you want shown in your feed.  Instapress also provides the option of using FancyBox to create a jQuery-powered slideshow of your images.

Photonic Gallery

photonic gallery wordpress plugin

With this free WordPress plugin you can easily create image galleries using photos from a number of different social networking sites, including Instagram.  Photonic Gallery allows you to display Instagram images using tags, popularity, and location-based searches, and you can also show thumbnail images of your followers or the people you follow.

Instagrate to WordPress

instagrate to wordpress wordpress plugin

Instagrate to WordPress is a free plugin which will automatically create blog posts every time you add a new photo to Instagram, so you no longer need to waste time manually adding posts and embedding images.  This Instagram WordPress includes lots of different options, so you can choose to have posts automatically published or saved as drafts, set the image size and CSS class, use default or custom post titles, and more.

Joomla Instagram Extension


instagallery joomla extension

If you want to add a gallery of your Instagram photos to your website, then you need to try InstaGallery, an Instagram extension for Joomla.  InstaGallery allows you to showcase your Instagram images in a simple gallery, and you can choose to display your latest photos, your followers, the people you follow, images with a particular tag, photos from a specified location, the last images you liked, and more.

Instagram Geo Gallery

instagram geo gallery joomla extension

With Instagram Geo Gallery, an Instagram Joomla extension, you can display your images on a Google Map based on geolocation, making it a unique and interesting way to share photos on your website.  This Joomla extension also offers 2 display options which interact with Google Maps:  a jQuery-powered gallery with page flipping effects or a simple thumbnail gallery.  If you’re looking for a cool and interactive way to showcase your images, then you have to try Instagram Geo Gallery.


instaboard joomla extension

If you want to be able to follow people on Instagram, as well as like and comment on photos, without ever leaving the admin area of your Joomla site, then you have to check out InstaBoard.  This Joomla Instagram extension offers Joomla and Instagram integration, so you can keep up with your friends’ latest images using a simple dashboard in your website’s back end.

Instagram for Jomsocial

instagram for jomsocial joomla extension

If you use Jomsocial, a Joomla extension designed to turn any site into a social network, then you have to try Instagram for Jomsocial.  This simple Joomla extensions adds an Instagram feed to your users’ profiles, allowing them to share their images with other members of your website.  You can choose to display this Instagram feed in the sidebar or main content of your users’ profiles, and your members can comment on, like, and share each other’s photos.

Instagram Flyout Photo Display

instagram flyout photo display joomla extension

This Instagram extension for Joomla will add a unique flyout gallery of your images to your website, so you can share your photos with your visitors in a fun and dynamic way.  Instagram Flyout Photo Display offers lots of different customisation options, allowing you to choose where the flyout appears on your site, the number of total photos to display, the number of images in a single row, the flyout style, the size of the thumbnail and preview images, and much more.

Magento Instagram Extensions

Instagram Extension

instagram magento extension

With this free Instagram extension for Magento you can integrate your customers’ images into your online store, providing a unique and interesting way for people to share how they use your products.  Instagram Extension allows you to display images on your shop’s home, category, or product pages using hashtags or usernames, so customers can see items in real life contexts.  This Magento extension includes a moderation option, enabling you to choose which images you want to show on your site and which ones you want to hide.

Web To Print:  Instagram Photos

web to print instagram photos magento extension

If your store specialises in printing images, then you have to check out Web to Print, a free Instagram extension for Magento.  With Web to Print your customers can connect to their Instagram accounts via your Magento store and choose the photo they want to have printed, as well as the frame and canvas size.  If you want to take advantage of Instagram’s popularity, then you definitely need to try this Magento extension.

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