Free WordPress, Joomla & Drupal Plugins for A/B Testing

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In a recent blog post, I gave a brief overview of A/B testing, as well as how to use Google Website Optimizer to conduct experiments on your site.  As promised, I’m back with free plugins for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal that you can use to perform A/B testing on your site. 

I’ve found free plugins for creating traditional experiments using original, variation, and conversion pages, but I’ve also found some plugins that are specifically designed for testing the effectiveness of different webforms, headlines, and templates.

WordPress Plugins for A/B Testing


max ab free wordpress a/b testing plugin

This free WordPress plugin allows you to conduct an unlimited number of experiments, and you can have as many as 3 variation pages for each test.  Plus, your conversion page can be on another website or domain name, and MaxA/B will still be able to track the results.  However, this plugin can only be used for A/B tests on WordPress pages, but a future release will offer support for posts.

SES Theme Split Test

ses theme split test free wordpress a/b testing plugin

If you’re thinking a new theme might help make your WordPress blog more successful, then you should definitely try this plugin.  With SES Theme Split Test, your content will stay the same; however, some visitors will see your site with one theme, while other users will see it with another.  This free plugin works with Google Analytics, so you’ll be able to see how each theme performs, allowing you to make an informed decision about which template to use on your blog.

Headline Split Tester

headline split tester free wordpress a/b testing plugin

This free WordPress plugin allows you to randomly alternate two headlines for each blog post, so you can see which one gets you the most views.  When one of the headlines reaches a particular number of views, the popular version is used as the post’s headline permanently.  While Headline Split Tester isn’t a full-fledged A/B testing plugin, it’s easy to use, and it’s a great starting point for bloggers who want to experiment with their sites.

Joomla Extensions for A/B Testing


optimizely free joomla a/b testing extension

This free extension for Joomla enables you to conduct A/B testing on multiple pages quickly and easily using  Optimizely’s graphical interface.  If you don’t have a lot of coding experience, or simply don’t want to manually edit your HTML, then this is the perfect extension for you.

Press9 A/B Testing

press9 ab testing free joomla a/b testing extension

While you need to be able to edit HTML and CSS to use this Joomla extension, Press9 A/B Testing’s Test Designer will generate the Javascript you need to conduct experiments.  This free Joomla extension provides test results in real time, so you’ll always have up-to-date feedback on your experiments.

Drupal Modules for A/B Testing


multivariate free drupal a/b testing module

With this Drupal module, you set up the original, variation, and success pages for each study.  When a user visits the original page, a mutation is selected:  this mutation will either redirect the visitor to the variation page or keep them on the original page.  Multivariate tracks the number of users who visit the success page, as well as whether these users were shown the original or variation, in order to produce data which can be used to determine which page is likely to provide the desired results.

Webform A/B Testing

webform ab testing free drupal a/b testing module

If you’re thinking of changing a form on your Drupal website with hopes of getting more users to complete and submit the form, then you should try this free A/B testing module.  With Webform A/B Testing, your site’s visitors will be randomly shown different versions of a particular form, and it will track which variation is completed the most.  While this free Drupal module is not a complete A/B testing tool, it is a great plugin for people who want to experiment with their contact forms.

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    This is great info although I’m not a massive fan of Drupal. I would always rather use joomla whenever I can.

  3. On February 14, 2012 at 9:41 am

    Kate Lampert said:

    You’r great CAT! Thank you for all this plugins 🙂

    HEADLINE SPLIT TESTER has appeared very useful!

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