Free Pinterest Plugins, Extensions, & Modules for WordPress, Joomla, & Drupal

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Pinterest is a rapidly growing social network which enables users to organise and share online images.  People create pinboards of their favourite clothing and accessories, recipes and DIY ideas, arts and crafts, and everything in between. 

You can use Pinterest to share your interests, portfolio, or products with other people, as well as drive traffic to your website.  To help you incorporate this social network into your website, I’ve chosen some of my favourite free WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal plugins for Pinterest.  You can use these plugins to make it easier for people to follow you, pin your images, galleries, or products, view your latest pins, and more.


Pinterest RSS Widget

pinterest rss widget free wordpress pinterest plugin

With this free plugin, you can showcase the titles and thumbnail images of your most recent pins anywhere on your website, as well as add your choice of 4 ‘Follow Me on Pinterest’ buttons under your list of pins.  You can use this plugin as a widget, or you can insert a line of code in the section of your WordPress site where you want your latest Pinterest pins to appear.  Pinterest RSS Widget includes a number of customisation options, so you can choose to hide the titles of your pins, set the maximum number of pins you want to display, control the height and width of the thumbnail images, and choose whether to have the links open in a new or existing window.

Pinterest Lightbox

pinterest lightbox free wordpress pinterest plugin

If you use NextGEN Gallery, a plugin for WordPress, to share your images with people online, you can use Pinterest Lightbox to automatically add Pin It buttons to the photos in your gallery.  This free WordPress plugin uses your existing NextGEN captions and image and page URLs to sync with Pinterest’s API, making Pinterest Lightbox a fast and simple way to add Pin It buttons to your image galleries.

Pinterest Pin It Button for Images

pinterest pin it button for images free wordpress pinterest plugin

If you want to add a Pinterest Pin It button to the images on your site, then you have to check out this free plugin.  When people hover over an image on your website, a Pin It button will appear, making it easier for your site’s visitors to share your photos on Pinterest.  This free WordPress plugin uses CSS3 fade transitions to make the buttons appear and disappear, and you can use the default Pin It image or upload your own.  This plugin is very easy to install and configure, making it a simple and hassle-free way to generate interest in your website and images.

WooCommerce Pinterest Button Extension

woocommerce pinterest button extension free wordpress pinterest plugin

If you use WooCommerce to incorporate ecommerce functionality into your WordPress site, then you can use this free plugin to add Piniterest Pin It buttons to your single product pages.  This extension doesn’t automatically add buttons to all of your products, but it does include the option when you add new items, and you can manually enable/disable this feature on a per product basis.  If you want another way to share your items with a wider audience, then this extension is definitely worth trying.

Pinterest Pin It Button

pinterest pin it button free wordpress pinterest plugin

This free WordPress plugin will enable you to add a Pinterest Pin It button to your site, and you can have it appear on any or all of the following types of pages:  static pages, archives, individual posts, latest posts page, and homepage.  You can also choose where you want the button to appear (on post excerpts, or above or below content), hide the button on specific posts, pages, or categories, and allow your visitors to select which photo they’d like to pin or simply offer a pre-selected image.  This plugin is extremely flexible, allowing you to customise both its appearance and functionality.

Pinterest Block

pinterest block free wordpress pinterest plugin

If for some reason you don’t want people to be able to pin your site’s content to Pinterest, you can use this free WordPress plugin to prevent selected posts and pages from getting pinned.  Pinterest Block allows you to disable pinning on individual pages and posts, as well as prevent any or all of the following page types from getting pinned to Pinterest:  archives, posts, static pages, homepage, and front page.  This free WordPress plugin is a simple and easy way to use Pinterest’s “nopin” meta tag on your website.

Pinterest Follow Button

pinterest follow button free wordpress pinterest plugin

If you’re looking for a way to increase your followers on Pinterest, then check out Pinterest Follow Button.  This free WordPress plugin includes a widget and a shortcode, so you can easily add your choice of 8 Pinterest buttons anywhere on your website.  This plugin also provides the option of using your own custom image, making it a flexible and easy to use tool for gaining Pinterest followers.


CN Pinterest

cn pinterest free joomla pinterest extension

With this free Joomla extension, you can easily add a Pinterest Pin It button at the beginning or end of your website’s content, enabling your site’s visitors to pin images contained within your articles.  The button will not appear on pages without images, and you can disable CN Pinterest on specific articles and entire categories.  If you want your images to reach a wider audience, then you should definitely give this Joomla extension a try.

Susnet Pinterest Sidebar

susnet pinterest sidebar free joomla pinterest extension

If you want to share your latest pins on your website, then you have to check out this free extension for Joomla.  Susnet Pinterest Sidebar allows you to display your desired number of pins in a jQuery-powered sidebar which you can easily customise to meet your needs.  This Joomla extension offers 3 Pinterest buttons for you to choose from, your choice of square or round corners, and the ability to disable jQuery when it’s used by other extensions.  Plus, you can customise the sidebar’s colour scheme to match your existing website, and you can control the speed at which the sidebar opens and closes.

CN Pinterest Follow

cn pinterest follow free joomla pinterest extension

If you want to attract more followers on Pinterest, then try using CN Pinterest Follow.  This free and extremely simple Joomla extension will enable you to create a module containing your choice of 4 different Pinterest buttons which your visitors can click to follow you.  This extension is incredibly easy to use, making it a great option for people who want to increase their Pinterest followers.



pinit free drupal pinterest module

This free Drupal module will enable you to add Pin It buttons to your website, allowing visitors to share your content on Pinterest.  PinIt includes some customisation options, so you can choose which content you want people to be able to share on Pinterest, and you can configure the position of the pin count.  If you want more people to see your images, then your should definitely give PinIt a try.

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