7 of the Best Free WordPress Plugins for Recipe Sites

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If you want to create a website dedicated to sharing recipes, then you have to check out these awesome WordPress plugins designed specifically for recipe websites!

These great plugins will enable you to embed recipes in your posts, optimise your recipes for search engines, generate nutritional estimates for your dishes, enable your site’s users to easily create grocery lists based on a meal’s ingredients, and much more.

GetMeCooking Recipe Template

getmecooking recipe template free wordpress recipe plugin

If you’re a food blogger, then you have to check out this free plugin for WordPress!  GetMeCooking Recipe Template will allow you to easily embed recipes within your posts, tell readers if a recipe contains ingredients they may be allergic to, easily optimise your recipes for search engines, and customise the appearance of your recipes.  Plus, this WordPress plugin enables your site’s visitors to print only the recipe (not the entire post), as well as filter and search for recipes, making it a fantastic tool for people who regularly feature recipes on their websites.

Recipes to Grocery Lists

recipes to grocery lists free wordpress recipe plugin

If you want to add some helpful and cool features to your food blog, then you have to give this WordPress plugin a try.  Recipes to Grocery Lists will not only help you create organised and easy to use grocery lists for your recipe posts, but it will also generate nutritional estimates for your recipes, allowing your visitors to see the amount of fat, calories, and cholesterol a dish contains.  This free plugin is a great way to give your readers the useful information they need to make your recipes at home.

eat.abl.es Recipes

eatables recipes free wordpress recipe plugin

If you use Eatables, a social networking site which enables users to rate, add, and share recipes, then you need add this plugin to your WordPress site.  eat.abl.es Recipes is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to show recipes from Eatables in your site’s sidebar, and you can choose to share the top featured recipes from the website, your favourite recipes, or the recipes you’ve added to the site.


easyrecipe free wordpress recipe plugin

With this free WordPress plugin, you can easily create, convert, and format recipes for your site, and your blog’s visitors can print, review, and rate recipes.  Plus, EasyRecipe uses hRecipe microformats to create Google Rich Snippets, which means your recipe’s Google search result will include additional data, such as an image of the dish, the ratings it’s received, and the time it takes to make, all of which may increase the number of people who visit your site.

Recipe finder

recipe finder free wordpress recipe plugin

Recipe Finder is an intuitive search engine that contains nearly 2 million recipes from various websites, making it a great tool for people who love to cook.  The Recipe Finder plugin for WordPress will enable you to display your favourite recipe from the site, as well as place a search box for the search engine in the sidebar of your food blog.  Plus, you can easily customise the look of this widget to match your site’s existing style.


recipress free wordpress recipe plugin

If you’re looking for a tool to help you easily created and embed recipes into your blog posts, then give this free WordPress plugin a try.  ReciPress provides a simple interface bloggers can use to write their recipes, so certain information, such as the type of cuisine, ingredient measurements, and skill level are selected from dropdown boxes.  Plus, this plugin uses a clean layout to output recipes, so visitors should find them easy to follow and understand.


feastiebar free wordpress recipe plugin

If you and your site’s readers use Feastie, a recipe search engine with grocery list and bookmarking tools, then you have to check out this free plugin for WordPress.  FeastieBar enables users to easily bookmark recipes, add ingredients their grocery lists, and even log recipes in their cooking history.  If you like Feastie, then you’ll love this plugin.

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