5 of the Best Free WordPress Plugins for Statistics

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If you use WordPress for your blog or website, then you have to check out our 5 favourite free plugins for statistics!  These plugins are designed to provide lots of useful information to help you find out how your site is doing, make decisions about the direction of your blog, and provide you with invaluable feedback when you experiment with your website.

I’ve found various WordPress plugins designed to provide you with statistical information about your site traffic, user registration, social media, and comments, as well as a plugin which you can use to share stats with your blog’s visitors via shortcodes.


statpress free wordpress plugin statistics

If you want to find out how many people are visiting your website, and even see details about users as they’re browsing your blog, then you have to install StatPress!  Like other plugins, StatPress provides loads of useful information about your site’s visitors (number of visitors, most popular post, etc.), but it also allows you to ‘spy’ on people as they browse your website.  Spy mode will enable you to see which post a user is looking at, how they found your site, their IP address and web browser, and even which country they’re accessing your site from.

Registration Statistics

registration statistics free wordpress plugin statistics

This free WordPress plugin provides interactive tables and graphs which show the number of registrations you had on a particular day or during a specific date range.  Registration Statistics will help you determine which of your posts corresponded with a drop or peak in registrations:  simply click on a point in the graph, and you’ll see a list of the articles you published on a particular day or during a specific time period.  Plus, you can sort the tables by date or number of registrations, helping you to quickly identify trends in user behaviour.

Facebook Share Statistics

 facebook share statistics free wordpress plugin statistics

If you want to find out how many times your posts have been shared on Facebook, as well as the number of comments, clicks, and likes each of your posts has received, then you have to install this free plugin for WordPress.  Facebook Share Statistics provides statistical information about your posts in pie charts as well as a filterable table, so you can easily find out how people are reacting to your articles on Facebook.  If you use social media to attract visitors to your blog, then this plugin is definitely worth using.


wpstatistics free wordpress plugin statistics

If you want to display statistical information about your site to your visitors, then check out this free plugin for WordPress.  With WP-Statistics, you can use shortcodes to share various pieces of information with your users, including the number of people who are currently on your site, the number of visitors your blog has had during a specific time period (yesterday, the last week, month, or year, etc.), your total posts, pages, users, comments, and lots of other data people might want to know.

Comment Stats

comment stats free wordpress plugin statistics

With this free WordPress plugin, you can see which of your posts received the most comments, making it a great tool for quickly determining what gets your visitors talking.  Comment Stats is extremely easy to install, and there’s no configuration required.  This plugin will provide you with a list of your most commented posts during a particular month, as well as the total number of comments you approved during a single month.  If you want to identify the types of posts that get the most feedback from your blog’s visitors, then this simple and free WordPress plugin is just what you need.

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