Trends in Holiday Ecommerce Web Design

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Every year, online retailers signal the start of the holiday shopping season by trimming their websites with festive touches.

This winter, some of the most common trends in holiday website design include bokeh, snowflake, and vintage backgrounds, glitter and scroll accents, festive fonts, and logos trimmed with fun ornaments.

If any of these designs inspire you to decorate your own website, I’ve also included links to free and premium resources you can use to easily recreate these looks.

TK Maxx

tk maxx holiday ecommerce web design example

TK Maxx gets into the holiday spirit with the addition of a red bokeh background and a festive star above their logo.  These simple touches, combined with TK Maxx’s existing red and white colour scheme, make for a fun yet modern Christmas design.

To get this look on your own site, use this free red bokeh background, these premium white Christmas star ornaments, and this premium red glitter background.

Bath & Body Works

bath and body works holiday ecommerce web design example

To celebrate the season, Bath & Body Works wraps their logo in colourful Christmas lights, and they highlight the ‘Gifts’ menu tab by turning it into a red and green present.  A red and pink background, festive fonts, and a bit of glitter complete this cheery look.

If you want to get this feel on your site, then use these free Christmas lights to trim your logo, try out this free Marquee font, and swap your boring background for this premium red and white gingham pattern.


b&q holiday ecommerce web design example

On B&Q’s Christmas page, they get into the spirit of the season with scroll patterns, bokeh effects, and a blue and white image of Santa’s sleigh flying over snow-covered rooftops.

You can get this look on your website using these free scroll images, this premium vector of Santa flying his sleigh, and these free bokeh photoshop brushes.

Asda Direct

asda holiday ecommerce web design example

Asda Direct adds some Christmas cheer to their site with a background featuring cute illustrations of Santa Claus and a decorated tree.

You can create a festive backdrop for your site using these free colourful Christmas vector illustrations.  If you want to design a more muted background, then check out these free holiday vector icons with a hand drawn look.


superdrug holiday ecommerce web design example

On their Christmas page, Superdrug swaps their signature pink for a festive shade of purple, and they complete the stylish and modern winter look with bokeh effects and snowflakes.

You can mimic this look on your own site using these free snowflake Photoshop brushes and these free bokeh Photoshop brushes.


paperchase holiday ecommerce web design example

To celebrate the season, Paperchase combines images of their colourful products with a grey and white patterned background.  While this simple vintage motif might be bland on other websites, it works perfectly with Paperchase’s colourful images and menu tabs.

To get this look on your site, download this premium retro Christmas background with a black and white colour scheme.  For a more colourful backdrop, you can try one of these premium vintage holiday backgrounds featuring stars, Christmas trees, or sweets.


woolworths holiday ecommerce web design example

For the holidays, Woolworth’s has replaced the two consecutive O’s in their logo with a pair of snowmen, and they’ve added a silver and white background with a bokeh and snowflake pattern to their Christmas page.

To get this look, add some fun to your logo using this free set of holiday icons, and swap your boring backdrop for this free silver and white snowflake and bokeh background.

 The Body Shop

the body shop holiday ecommerce web design example

The Body Shop gives their website a cheery look with traditional red and green accents, a glistening snowy background, and lots of sparkle.

You can get this look on your website with this premium green glitter background and this premium white glittery bokeh background.

To add some cheer to your website this holiday season, try some of the following ideas:

  • Decorate your logo with festive images, such as lights, baubles, snowflakes, snowmen, stars, mistletoe or any other images you associate with the holidays;
  • Swap your traditional background for bokeh, snowflakes, glitter, retro Christmas patterns, gingham, illustrations of the season’s favourite characters, or any other pattern that gets you in the holiday spirit;
  • Highlight buttons or menu items with glitter, scrolls or other festive patterns;
  • Fonts can have a huge impact on a site’s overall appearance, so transform your text with retro or marquee styles;
  • Most importantly, have fun and be creative!  Don’t be afraid to experiment and try different fonts, textures and images.

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