This Week’s Favourite’s–26th November 2009

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This week’s favourites include tools to help you easily style fonts, turn your own handwriting into a font, edit images, find free stock photography, and evaluate your site’s performance!

css typeset

Do you want to modify the look of the text on your website, but you hate dealing with CSS?  Then check out CSS Type Set, a free online tool that lets you experiment with different font styles and attributes, such as weight, size, and colour, and then copy the CSS when you’ve got your text looking just right!  CSS Type Set is a great online tool–free, simple, and very easy to use!


Looking for a cool way to add a personal touch to your website?  Then you need to try Fontifier, a site that allows you to turn your own handwriting into a TrueType font, which can be used on Windows or MacOS X systems.  To create your personalised font with Fontifier, just print the template, write a sample of each letter and number in the appropriate place, scan the template, and submit it to Fontifier.  You can preview your font for free, but you have to pay $9 to have the characters combined into a TrueType font.


pixlr, a free image editing service, works right in your web browser, meaning you don’t have to download anything to use it!  If you want to create beautiful pictures and images, but you can’t afford an expensive image editor, then pixlr is a great option.  You should also check out Pixlr Grabber, an extension (available for Windows and Firefox) that allows you to right click on any image in a webpage and load it into pixlr for editing.


Incorporating stock photography into your site’s design is a great way to enhance the appearance of your website, but purchasing images can really add up over time.  With nearly 5 million images, Everystockphoto is a great resource for free stock photography, and it makes finding images really easy.  Everystockphoto indexes and searches freely licensed images from multiple sources, so you can find the image you’re looking for just by searching one site!  Everystockphoto is a great site, and it is sure to save you time and money!

going up

GoingUp! is a great free tool for web analytics and SEO, and it can really help you determine your website’s strengths and weaknesses.  GoingUp! boasts tons of useful features, including Heat Maps, Google Page Rank Tracking, Keyword Position Tracker, Alexa Rank Tracking, User Profile Data, Inbound Link Monitoring, and much more!  GoingUp! is very easy to use, and it will provide you with pretty much all of data you’ll need to evaluate your website’s performance!

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  1. On November 30, 2009 at 2:03 pm

    Mark Henry said:

    Great collection of tools. Worked out pretty good for me. Especially pixlr and csstypeset were rocking!!

  2. On November 30, 2009 at 9:21 am

    Bill said:

    Hahah that fontifier thing sounds great, you could type things and it would look as if you wrote it down

  3. On November 30, 2009 at 9:18 am

    Kelby said:

    That’s so helpful and a really cool tool, thank you so much 🙂