This Week’s Favourites–29th October 2009

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This week’s favourites include tools for creating dummy text, attractive colour combinations, reflections of images, background patterns, and polls for social media networks!

blind text generator

Dummy text is often used to show how different fonts and layouts will look on a website (i.e., ‘Lorem Ipsum’ text used in a lot of website templates), and Blind Text Generator is a free online tool for creating dummy text.  Blind Text Generator allows you to choose one of several different types of text, set the number of words, characters, and paragraphs, and modify font properties to style a font, making it a must-have tool for designing websites or templates!

colour combos

Looking for the perfect colour combination for your latest website?  Then check out, a site web developers and designers can use to select and test different colour combinations.    You can use the Combo Tester to see how certain colour combinations will appear on the web, or you can check out the hundreds of swatches in the Combo Library for a little design inspiration!  Plus, if you want to find out the hex code of a colour used on another website, you can enter the site’s URL in the Grab Website Colors tool, and it will tell you the hex codes for every colour used on the site.


Picreflect is a free online tool that allows you to create a reflection of an image, making it an easy way to give your pictures an interesting reflection effect.  Picreflect allows you to choose the height and transparency of the reflection, as well rotate, resize, and flip the image.  This tool is super simple to use, and it enables you to create a cool image in a matter of seconds!

pattern cooler

If you need to create a new background for your website, then check out PatternCooler.  PatternCooler is a free and fun online tool that lets you make seamless background patterns simply by changing the colours of existing retro and contemporary pattern designs.  Once you have a colour combination you like, you can change the pattern repeat size, download your new pattern, and add it your website.

twt poll

Social media networks like Twitter and Facebook are great for connecting with customers online, and twtpoll is an awesome tool for getting valuable feedback from your clients!  twtpoll allows you to build and send surveys to your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter, and it displays their feedback in a format of your choice, including pie charts, bar charts, and tables.  This a great method of gauging customer satisfaction, promoting your business, and making important decisions that will impact your clients.

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  1. On November 9, 2009 at 6:23 am

    donnie@Chattanooga Web Design said:

    A very nice list of tools. Kudos to you for putting so much effort into this post and blog. I’ll be using the color picker, but I already have “Lorum ipsum” generator.

  2. On November 1, 2009 at 11:04 am

    Nancy Ebert Photography said:

    I recently build my own facebook fan page and twitter account and, as you said, it’s working great! I suggest every company to get involved in social media. It helps to build a strong emotional connection without forcing anybody. Great!