The Best PrestaShop Ecommerce Sites

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At Evohosting, we’re huge fans of PrestaShop, an open source ecommerce application designed to help users create attractive and functional online stores.  However, the question a lot of people have is, “How does it compare to Magento?”

Magento has long been the open source ecommerce application of choice for web designers and developers, mainly due to its huge range of features and eye-catching appearance.  In contrast, PrestaShop has fewer features than Magento, yet it still provides the functionality most users needs.  Plus, PrestaShop is easier to use, and runs fantastically on shared hosting, whereas Magento often struggles to perform well in shared hosting environments.

Not only does PrestaShop surpass Magento when it comes to usability and performance, but it also rivals Magento in appearance.  To prove this, I’ve chosen several of my favourite live stores built with PrestaShop , so you can see the possibilities for yourself!

naturellement chanvre

naturellement chanvre prestashop ecommerce site

atelier 81

atelier 81 prestashop ecommerce site

L’Atelier des Vignoles

L'Atelier des Vignoles prestashop ecommerce site

Oh Snap! boutique

Oh Snap! boutique prestashop ecommerce site

Nabe Fabric

nabe fabrix prestashop ecommerce site


hus and hem prestashop ecommerce site

la cerise sur la gateau

la cerise sur la gateau prestashop ecommerce site

Loulou Addict

loulou addict prestashop ecommerce site


all-over prestashop ecommerce site


pop-line prestashop ecommerce site

Graphy Stick

graphy stick prestashop ecommerce site prestashop ecommerce site

Les Kinousses

Les Kinousses prestashop ecommerce site


jolidragon prestashop ecommerce site

Tartine et Chocolat

Tartine et Chocolat prestashop ecommerce site

Chausettes Archiduchesse

Chausettes Archiduchesse prestashop ecommerce site

It’s amazing how great a store built using an open source application like PrestaShop can look!  If you’d like to see even more stores using PrestaShop, please visit their live shop showcase.

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  1. On May 25, 2011 at 10:01 am

    More Control said:

    From experience of using prestashop while they are easy to install and setup, managing the backend of the site to what you want can be quite a difficult task. My advice when setting up a shop is to carefully map out how you want your products and categories to display and how you want to manage the shop. I found certain error with uploading products / cats and found different versions of prestashop has technical bugs that required some adjusting.
    Overall, I recommend prestashop for building up e-commerce sites, but just make sure that you run several trails, tests of the software to get used to it before you start uploading all your products.

  2. On April 1, 2011 at 2:35 am

    Sasha said:

    Thanks so much for this list. I was on the fence about the whole use of Presta Shop, but seeing these live examples have now opened my eyes to the endless possibilities! So thank you! :o)

  3. On March 21, 2011 at 12:26 am

    guillotines said:

    some good themes – thanks

  4. On March 18, 2011 at 2:23 pm

    Tyres said:

    Thank you for sharing the list of best PrestaShop themes.

  5. On March 16, 2011 at 1:05 pm

    reklama internete said:

    Amazing list!! I am so great-full for this ! mmmua :)*