6 of the Best PrestaShop Promotion Modules

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If you’re looking for some new ways to offer discounts to your customers, then you have to check out our favourite PrestaShop promotion modules. 

We’ve chosen 6 of our favourite PrestaShop modules for promotions, so you can automatically send discount codes to your customers on their birthdays, reward people when they use social media to refer visitors to your store, display a countdown timer to let customers know when a promotion ends, and quickly create sales and discounts for the items in your store.

Birthday Coupon

birthday coupon prestashop module

If you want to create goodwill with your customers, then you might want to try Birthday Coupon, a promotion module for PrestaShop.  With this module you can automatically send your customers discount codes on their birthdays, helping you to boost sales and customer satisfaction.  Birthday Coupon includes a number of different options, so you can choose to give your customers a discount for a percentage off or a set amount, as well as set the number of days the code is valid and the minimum order amount required.

Countdown Specials

countdown specials prestashop module

Another way you can increase your store’s sales is by using Countdown Specials, a PrestaShop promotion module.  This module allows you to create a countdown timer to display the amount of time left on your offers, so your customers know when they need to act quickly to take advantage of your deals.  You can display the timer on a specific countdown page, product pages, products lists, your homepage, and more.  Plus, Countdown Specials includes a number of different customization options, so you can change the colour and size to work with your site’s design.


maxi promos prestashop module

If you want a promotion module to help you create complex discount rules for your PrestaShop store, then you have to check out Maxi-Promos.  With this PrestaShop module you can offer your customers lots of different promos, such as free shipping when they spend over a set amount or order a particular number of products from certain categories, a percentage or amount off on the cheapest item when they order a set number of products from particular categories, and more.  If you want more control and flexibility when creating promotions, you should definitely give Maxi-Promos a try.

Social Discounts

social discounts prestashop module

Social networking is a great way to increase sales and raise your company’s profile, so why not reward people with discount codes when they use social media to refer visitors to your online store?  Social Discounts, a PrestaShop promotion module, allows you to automatically give your customers a percentage or amount off when they send people to your site using any of 13 social networking sites, including Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.  This PrestaShop modules also offers a user-friendly customer panel people can use to view and track their referrals and rewards.

Flash Sale V2/Doorbuster

flash sale v2 doorbuster prestashop module

If you want to use flash sales–discounts on limited stock that generally last for a relatively short period of time–to increase your store’s revenue, then you have to check out this promotion module for PrestaShop.  Flash Sale V2 allows you to set the time and day you want your promotions to automatically start and stop, as well as create a timer to let your customers know the amount of time they have left to take advantage of your offer.  If you want a hassle-free promotion module you can set and forget, then Flash Sale V2 is definitely worth a try.

Mass Promotions Management

mass promotions managements prestashop module

Promotions are great for increasing sales and traffic, but they can also be very time consuming to create and manage, especially when you want to offer discounts on a large number of items.  Thankfully, Mass Promotions Management, a PrestaShop module, allows users to quickly create discounts for a fixed amount or percentage off for all of the products in a particular category or from a  certain supplier or manufacturer.  Plus, you can combine filters to create discounts and set the start and end dates for promotions, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time updating the sale prices of your items.

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