Tutorial on How to Install phpBB

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If you’re thinking of creating an online forum to connect with people who share your passions and hobbies, then you should consider using phpBB.  phpBB is an extremely customisable, fully scalable, and highly powered bulletin board software package for the creation of complex and simple online forums. Plus, it’s easy to install with Installatron!

This tutorial provides screenshots and simple instructions for every step of the installation process.  Just follow along, and you’ll have phpBB installed in a matter of minutes!

Login to your cpanel and type “installatron” in the find box.  The installatron icon will appear to the right of the box.

installatron icon in cpanel

Click on the Installatron icon.  Then click on the tab labeled “Applications Browser”.

installatron applications browser

Click on “phpBB” under “Community Software”

installatron community software

Click “install this application”

install phpbb

Click “next”

next install phpbb

If you want phpBB to be installed in the root of your domain and not in a sub folder, leave the box labeled “Path” blank.  Configure your path and click “next”.

path for installing phpbb

You will have to the option to choose the version of phpBB you would like to install.  It automatically defaults to the latest version (which we recommend); click “next” to continue.

phpbb version

If you agree to the license agreement, click “I Accept”.

phpbb license agreement

Choose between Installatron automatically managing your databases for you or managing them yourself.  Click “next” after you make your selection.

managing phpbb databases

Customize your settings and click “next”

custom phpbb settings

Installatron is now ready to install phpBB.  Just click “submit” to install.

submit to install phpbb

You should see this screen while phpBB is installing.

phpbb installing screen

Congratulations!  You’ve successfully installed phpBB!  Be sure to take note of your username and password, and just click “complete” to finish.

successsful phpbb installation

To login to phpBB, just click the URL next to administration.

login to phpbb

You will probably get a screen telling you that you can’t access the admin cpanel–don’t worry!  Just click “login.

click login for phpbb

Enter your admin login details, click “login”, and you’re ready to start building your forum with phpBB!

start building phpbb forum

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