8 of the Best Free OpenCart Social Media Extensions

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Social networking is a great way for businesses to connect with new and existing customers, get useful feedback, increase sales, and drive traffic to their websites. To help you integrate social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest into your online store, we’ve chosen 8 of our favourite free OpenCart social media extensions.

Some of these free extensions will allow you to easily add icons, links and QR codes for your company’s social media profiles, while others will enable your store’s visitors to share your products or text with their friends via sites like Twitter and Facebook. We’ve also found a free extension which you can use to reward people when they use social media to tell their followers about your business, and another extension that allows people browsing your store to see if any of their friends have purchased items from your store.

Facebook Likebox Module 1.3.1

facebook likebox module 131 opencart extension

If you’re looking for a way to get more fans on your store’s Facebook page, then you need to try this free social media extension for OpenCart. Facebook Likebox Module 1.3.1 allows you to easily add a Facebook fanbox to your site which will display the profile pictures of some of your fans, a like button, and the number of fans you have. This OpenCart extension also offers horizontal and vertical layout options for you to choose from.

Xing, Twitter, YouTube, FB, Google+

xing twitter youtube fb google+ opencart extension

With this free social media OpenCart extension you can add icons for 5 different social networking sites to your store’s homepage or footer. This simple and easy to use OpenCart extension includes icons for Twitter, Google+, Facebook, YouTube, and Xing.

ShareThis Extension

sharethis opencart extension

If you want a free OpenCart extension to help your site’s visitors share your store’s products and pages with their friends, then you have to try ShareThis. This extension lets you add a sharing button to your product pages, so people can share items on your site using social networks like Google+, Twitter and Facebook. ShareThis also allows you to choose which social media icons you want to display, as well as the order you want them to appear.

Social QRCode Scan ME Anywhere Lite

social qrcodes scan me anywhere lite opencart extension

Social QRCode Scan ME Anywhere Lite is a cool OpenCart extension designed to make it easy for your store’s visitors to follow your business on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. This free extension allows you to create QR codes for your store’s various social media profiles, so people can follow your business simply by scanning the codes with their smart phones. If you want to increase your social media fans and followers, then this OpenCart is definitely worth trying.

Owned it Social Referral Platform

owned it social referral platform opencart extension

This free OpenCart extension makes it easy to integrate Owned it, a social referral platform, into your online store. Owned it allows you to provide people with incentives, such as discounts and promo codes, when they use social media to tell people about your store. This extension also allows you to perform A/B testing to help you experiment with different campaigns, and it includes an analytics dashboard so you can track who and where your traffic is coming from.

Follow Me V3 (Social Networks)

follow me v2 social networks opencart extension

If you want an easy way to add icons and links for your company’s social media profiles, then you should try Follow Me V3 (Social Networks). This free OpenCart extension allows you to add icons and links for Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Hyves, and Facebook, and it’s simple and easy to use.

Yotru Module

yotru opencart extension

Yotru, a free social media extension for OpenCart, allows shoppers to see if any of their friends on sites like Twitter and Facebook have purchased items from your store in the past, helping to give new customers more confidence in your business. This extension also lets people see what their friends bought from your store and ask them questions about your company, as well as browse and write recommendations about your site and items.

Mark & Share

mark share opencart extension

This free OpenCart social media extension will allow people browsing your site to mark text, such as a product description, and share it with their friends using sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. To use Mark & Share, your visitors simply highlight the section of text they want to share with their friends, and a bar with icons for various social networks appears. Then, they select the social network they want to use, add any comments they want to make, click the Share Link button, and their friends will be able to go to the URL and see the section of text they highlighted.

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