The Best Free Magento Extensions for Order Management

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If you need some help managing your Magento store’s orders, then you have to check out our favourite free extensions for order management.  These simple but effective Magento extensions will help you delete orders, create CSV files of your orders, create custom invoice and order numbers, prevent unwanted customers from placing orders, and allow people to add comments to their orders during the checkout process.

ASPerience DeleteOrders

asperience deleteorders magento extension

If you’re looking for a way to delete orders from your Magento store, then you have to check out this free order management extension.  With ASPerience DeleteOrders you can easily remove test and production orders from your store’s admin area, as well as associated credit memos and invoices, a function Magento doesn’t natively support.

Blue Jalapeno Order Export

blue jalapeno order export magento extension

If you want to be able export your order details to a CSV file for accounting or reporting purposes, then you need to try Blue Jalapeno Order Export.  Not only will this order management Magento extension allow you to create a CSV file of your orders, complete with useful customer details like contact information, payment and shipping methods, and item information, it also enables you to export order information into formats which are compatible with Highrise and Sage 50.

Custom Invoice and Order Numbers

custom invoice and order numbers magento extension

This free Magento extension for order management allows you to create custom invoice and order numbers, instead of having to use the default first invoice or order number of 100000001. However, Custom Invoice and Order Numbers will not change previously generated numbers, but it will automatically generate subsequent invoice numbers based on the custom number you provide.

Brainvire Order Comment

brainvire order comment magento extension

If you want your customers to be able to provide you with additional information during the checkout process, then you have to try Brainvire Order Comment.  This free order management Magento extension will add an additional field to your store’s checkout section which people can use to leave notes for administrators.

Ban Email to Order

ban email to order magento extension

This free Magento extension will help you prevent customers who may have been abusive to your staff or placed fraudulent orders in the past from ordering products from you again.  With Ban Email to Order you simply add the email address of anyone you don’t want to do business with in the future to a list, and they will receive error messages if they try to order anything from your store.

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