7 of the Best Free Slider Extensions for Magento

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If you want to showcase your store’s latest promotions, the logos of the brands you carry, or any other sorts of images, then you have to check out our favourite free slider extensions for Magento.  Sliders allow you to display various types of images in unique and dynamic ways, enabling you to change not only the look of your store, but the way visitors interact with your site.

We’ve found 7 great slider extensions for Magento, and they’re all completely free.  These slider extensions come with useful features like various transition effects for you to choose from and multistore and multilingual support, and they’re a great way to draw attention to the brands you carry or your latest offers.

All In One Banner Pro by Perception System

all in one banner pro perception system free magento extension

This free slider extension for Magento allows you to easily manage unlimited banners, and it includes 26 different transition effects for you to choose from.  All in One Banner Pro also offers multilingual and multistore support, a user-friendly interface, and easy installation and configuration.

Brand Logo Slider Extension

brand logo slider free magento extension

If you want to display the logos of the brands you sell in your store, then you have to try this free Magento slider extension.  Brand Logo Slider Extension allows you to display images of logos in a dynamic slider, and you can set the size of your images, disable automatic sliding, and choose to have the slider pause when someone hovers over an image.

Banner Slider by Magestore

bannner slider by magestore free magento extension

Banner Slider by Magestore will enable you to display a slider at the top of your store’s category or home pages, and it supports an unlimited number of banner images.  Plus, this free slider extension for Magento allows you to control the size of your images, as well as your slider’s speed and style.

Displaze Protoshow Slideshow

displaze photoshow slideshow free magento extension

This free Magento slider extension uses the default prototype library, which means it doesn’t rely on third party libraries like jQuery, making it different from a lot of other slider extensions.  Plus, Displaze Protoshow Slideshow is very easy to install and configure, and it only uses CSS for styling, making it easy to customise.

Auguria Slider

aguria slider free magento extension

Auguria Slider, a free slider extension for Magento, is powered by jQuery, and it allows you to choose which CMS and category pages you want it to appear on.  This slider extension also offers multiple slide effects for you to choose from, and it allows you to set the image size and slider speed via the admin area.

Banner Slider Manager

banner slider manager free magento extension

This free Magento slider extension is based on the jQuery Cycle plugin, and it comes with lots of different configuration options.  With Banner Slider Manager you can update the transition delay, length and effect, change the slider’s height and width,  and enable/disable the pause, play, next and previous buttons.


nivoslider free magento extension

NivoSlider, a free jQuery powered slider extension for Magento, allows you to display a slider on any page of your Magento store, and it enables you to control the animation effect and speed.  Plus, NivoSlider lets you set configuration options for individual images, allowing you to create a truly unique slider for your store.

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