5 of the Best Magento Affiliate Extensions

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If you’re looking for a new way to increase traffic to your online store, then you have to check out these Magento extensions.  All of these Magento extensions allow you to create and manage affiliate schemes, and they come with useful features like tiered commission support, visual reports, direct messaging, custom link creation, and more.

Affiliate – Affiliate Program

affiliate program magento extenions

This Magento extension allows you to easily create and manage an affiliate scheme for your store, and it includes support for tiered commission rates, custom link creation, and banner management.  Plus, this Magento extension lets your affiliates view the traffic they’re sending to your website, and it enables you to prevent certain orders or items from generating commissions.

Affiliate by aheadWorks

affiliate by aheadworks magento extenions

This Magento extension lets you offer different types of commission rates, including fixed and tiered percents and amounts.  This extension also allows you to set custom holding periods and withdrawal amounts, and it enables you to create reports of conversions, traffic sources, and sales which can be downloaded as CSV files.

Affiliate suite extension for Magento

affiliate suite magento extenions

This Magento extension lets administrators manage affiliate schemes for multiple stores, and it includes multi-language support.  Plus, this extension enables affiliates and store owners to send direct messages to each other, and it offers support for affiliate banners, widgets, and links.

Affiliate Pro Extension by MageWorld

affiliate pro magento extenions

This Magento extension offers support for multiple payment methods, and it includes visual reports to help your affiliates easily track their sales, commissions, and traffic sources.  Plus, this extension lets your affiliates import their contacts from their email providers or CSV and text files, and it also makes it easy for them to share their affiliate links via social networks or email.

Affiliate – Affiliate Platinum Edition

affiliate platinum magento extenions

This Magento extension allows you to easily manage transactions, banners, links, accounts, and payments, and it enables you to automatically pay all of your affiliates at one time using PayPal.  This extension also lets your affiliates create coupon codes which they can share with friends, and it allows administrators to create multiple programs with different commission rates.

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