The Best Free & Unique Gallery Plugins for Joomla

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While there are tons of fantastic free gallery plugins for Joomla, many of these extensions offer a lot of the same characteristics as their counterparts. 

However, I’ve managed to find someexcellent Joomla plugins with unique features, including galleries with Flash-based 3D animation, Google Maps integration, an iPhone/iPad accordion layout, and an interactive polaroid style.  I’ve also found an extension designed specifically for creating video galleries, a plugin which uses only pure XHTML and CSS for its functionality, and another extension that doesn’t rely on a single database for its structure.

Plus, I’ve included a comprehensive gallery plugin which enables frontend users to share, rate, and comment on images, as well as upload their own, and a simple gallery extension with additional free plugins you can use to extend its existing functionality.

Ozio Gallery

ozio gallery free joomla gallery plugin

This free Joomla photo gallery plugin displays images from a folder or Flickr using a Flash-based 3D animation, allowing you to dynamically showcase your photos on your website.  Plus, Ozio Gallery offers a number of different styles, including a carousel, image rotator, accordion, and more.  This free image gallery plugin for Joomla is easy to install and configure, making it great option for people who want to use a Flash-based extension to share their photographs online.

Art Gallery

art gallery free joomla gallery plugin

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional image galleries, then try this free and simple plugin for Joomla.  Art Gallery will turn your photographs into a collection of polaroids arranged randomly or in rows/columns on your website:  your site’s visitors can click on images to view larger versions in a lightbox, or they can drag and drop photos to reposition them on the page.  This Joomla plugin is fun and interactive, making it a great option for people who want to create a memorable image gallery.

Phoca Gallery

phoca gallery free joomla gallery plugin

Phoca Gallery offers various ways of displaying photos (lightbox, popup, modal box, etc.), automatic thumbnail creation, geotagging support, pagination, multiple methods of uploading images, and lots of other useful features.  Plus, there are a number of other free Joomla extensions you can use with this image gallery plugin to extend its functionality, so you can create gallery trees, a range of different types of slideshows, and more.

CSS Gallery

css gallery free joomla gallery plugin

This free Joomla image gallery plugin is powered by pure XHTML and CSS, so it works without the help of JavaScript or Flash.  CSS Gallery is easy to install, configure, and use, and it comes with a number of helpful features, including unlimited galleries for each content item, configuration options for every gallery you create, support for multiple image types, and more.  If you’re looking for a simple photo gallery plugin free from Flash or Javascript, then CSS Gallery is definitely worth trying.


joomgallery free joomla gallery plugin

If you want a free image gallery Joomla plugin with tons of options, then check out JoomGallery.  This plugin has loads of features, including a configurable watermark, Google Maps support, 3 image sizes (original, detail and thumbnail), automatic thumbnail and detail image creation, a slideshow with multiple transition effects, gallery search function, and user-created categories and uploads.  Plus, JoomGallery will enable your site’s visitors to vote and comment on photos, link to images using BBCode, add tags, and much more.

Accordion Gallery

accordion gallery free joomla gallery plugin

This free Joomla plugin enables you to create an iPhone/iPad compatible image gallery with an accordion style, and it offers tons of customisation options.  With Accordion Gallery, you can enable or disable autoplay, image scaling, snow effects, and image pricing, as well as set the autoplay and transition times, customise the dimensions and colours of the gallery, accordion tab, image title and description, and control buttons, choose from 4 different styles to control where the title and description appear in relation to an image, and much more.

All Video Share

all video share free joomla gallery plugin

If you need a free Joomla plugin to help you create a gallery of videos, then you should definitely check out All Video Share.  This Joomla extension includes a built-in video player, multiple streaming methods, and compatibility with a range of different media formats.  Plus, All Video Share offers skinning options, so you can customise its appearance to match your site’s existing branding, as well as a Facebook commenting option designed to enable your visitors to easily leave feedback on your videos.

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