Top ten tips for… better Twitter marketing

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twittericonAre you looking to strengthen your Twitter presence and have your audience anticipating and engaging with your every tweet?

Here are ten easy steps to bigger, better marketing of your brand;

Make first impressions count

It’s easy to overlook the basics so make sure your Twitter profile is complete and on point; is your bio impactful and up to date? Imagery reflective of your brand? Don’t forget a link to your website too.

Focus on one or two profiles

It’s tempting to set up a host of profiles; each designed to target a specific audience or represent a particular string to your business’s bow. But this can confuse, dilute messaging, and devour your time. Stick to one or two at most and make them amazing.

Invest wisely in new followers

Paying for followers can encourage newcomers but, beware, buying BIG can backfire. Current and would-be followers are put off by overnight popularity surges (especially if you’ve only tweeted twice!) If you decide to buy, keep it real (approx. 500) and, with astute tweeting, the fake followers who inevitably drop off will swiftly be replaced by genuine ones.

Give yourself a unique, consistent voice

Decide on a tone of voice that represents your brand values, stick with it and make it as recognisable as your logo. Set yourself apart from the crowd further by creating your own hashtag and using it generously.

Share your expertise

Use the Twitter search function to track down people with questions you can confidently answer. Key in ‘recommend’ or ‘suggest’ plus your area of expertise. Respond and follow with a follow (chances are, they’ll return the favour). Repeat search every few days; interaction builds loyalty and establishes you as ‘go to’ resource for specialist info.

Be on trend

The search function also allows you to search content trends. Reply to existing tweets or jump in with original content. Opting for the latter? Avoid tenuous links to popular topics. It will get you noticed but for the wrong reasons.

Tweet regularly

Whilst few will follow or engage with a barren timeline, don’t feel obliged to post every five minutes. Quality beats quantity. Save time by using a service such as Hootsuite which allows you to pre-prepare tweets and fires them out for you.

Show some love

New follower? Someone tweeting your praises? Thank them personally.
Retweeting to show appreciation? First ask yourself if it will do you or your followers any favours.  Never ‘RT’ when a ‘favourite’ will do.

Create lists

Lists are a great way to monitor what profiles of interest are talking about. Don’t forget to tweet people you add to a list and even share the list with them. It’s a quick and easy way to engage.

Analyse your progress

So, you’ve put each tip into practice and want to see your ROI. Twitter Analytics can provide you with invaluable data such as number of impressions, clicks, favourites, expands, replies and retweets.

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