OpenCart Extensions to Help You Increase Your Average Order Value

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If you use OpenCart and you want to increase your online store’s average order value, then these extensions might be just what you need.

Out of the box, OpenCart offers optional features designed to help you entice your customers into spending a bit more, including free shipping or discounts for orders over a particular amount, as well as cross/up selling.  In addition to these built-in features, you can use various OpenCart extensions to help you increase your average order value by offering gift wrapping, product bundles, enhanced free shipping, quantity-based pricing, free gifts/bonus items, and enhanced cross/up selling.

Similar Products (vQmod)

similar products opencart extension

Upselling and cross-selling are both great ways to increase your average order value, and this extension will help you showcase your products to your site’s visitors.  You can choose to manually select similar products for each item, or allow the extension to do it for you automatically.  Plus, you can choose where the images of similar products are displayed on your site, which means instead of sticking them in a tab like OpenCart’s built-in Related Products feature, you can showcase similar items in the top, bottom, left, or right of product pages.

Free Shipping Based on Quantity

free shipping based on quantity opencart extension

This extension provides an alternative to OpenCart’s native free shipping threshold feature, enabling users to offer complimentary delivery to customers based on the number of products they order, not the amount they spend.  If you sell a single product, or all of the items in your store are priced around the same amount, then you can use this extension to create unique and interesting free shipping promotions to help you increase your average order value.

Bonus Product Packet

bonus product packet opencart extension

Another way to increase your average order value is to offer a relatively inexpensive bonus item when customers purchase another more costly product.  With this OpenCart extension, you can easily create packets by making one item the main product and another item the free gift, providing shoppers with the extra incentive they need to order big-ticket goods or services from your store.

Gift Wrap

gift wrap opencart extension

Offering gift wrapping to your customers  for a small fee can not only help you increase your average order value, but it can also make your items more attractive to last minute shoppers who don’t have time to wrap and ship presents.    With this OpenCart extension, you can choose to calculate the cost of gift wrapping by each item or each order, and your customers can include their own text for a card to be included with their purchase.

Order Bonus

order bonus opencart extension

This OpenCart extension can help you increase your average order value by enabling you to reward customers with a free gift when they spend over a certain amount of money in your store.  Plus, this extension allows you to add a splash page to your online shop to tell visitors about your bonus items and thresholds.  If you want to provide shoppers with an incentive to spend more, then this extension is definitely worth checking out.

Product Bundles V1.5.1.3

product bundles opencart extension

Creating product bundles is a great way to increase your average order value, because it offers your customers incentives to buy additional products from your online store.  With this OpenCart extension, you can group multiple products together and then offer a discount to people who buy all of the items from your shop.  This extension allows your customers to add a bundle in one click, and it enables you to set timeframes for each of your offers.

Product-Based Fee/Discount

product based fee discount opencart extension

Another way you can increase your average order value is by offering discounts to customers based on the number of items they order.  In addition to lots of other features, this OpenCart extension will allow you to encourage your shoppers to buy more products by giving them a flat discount or a percentage off when they order a certain number of items.  This extension is ideal for people who sell items in bulk, and unlike a number of other similar extensions, this one will allow you to create offers for individual products, not every item in your store or in a particular category.

UKSB Spend x For Free Shipping

uksb spend x for free shipping opencart extension

When a customer requests a shipping estimate during the checkout process, this extension will work out the difference between their order total and your complimentary shipping threshold, and then display a message telling them how much more they need to spend to qualify for free delivery.  Setting a free shipping threshold is a great way to encourage your customers to spend a bit more, and this OpenCart extension is designed to ensure they know exactly how close they are to free delivery.

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