8 of the Best OpenCart Gift Extensions

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With the holiday season rapidly approaching, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite OpenCart gift extensions to help you get your store ready.  We’ve found extensions to help shoppers create wishlists, order gift wrapping, and purchase gift vouchers, as well as tools to help you highlight your shop’s gift certificates, generate gift voucher codes, offer free gifts with purchase, and more.

Gift Vouchers Category Link – Gift Certificates in Header Menu


Gift vouchers make great presents, and they are an easy way to increase your sales during the holiday season.  This OpenCart extension will add a link to your store’s gift voucher page in your header menu, which draws attention to your company’s gift certificates.

Improved Gift Vouchers


This OpenCart extension offers a comprehensive gift certificate management system with lots of useful features.  Improved Gift Vouchers enables your store’s customers to determine if a gift certificate can be used for tax and shipping, check the balance left on their vouchers, redeem multiple gift certificates at the same time, and more.

Coupon Voucher Code Generator


If you want a tool to help you quickly create voucher codes, then you have to check out this extension for OpenCart.  This OpenCart extension will automatically generate voucher codes based on your specifications, such as the number and types of characters you want to use, saving you time otherwise spent manually creating random codes.

Add Credit Using Gift Vouchers


This OpenCart extensions allows your customers to turn their gift vouchers into store credit, making it easier for them to redeem their certificates for your products in the future.  This extension comes with lots of cool features, including automatic email notifications, reports, and more.

Show Gift Voucher Balance in Custom Account Page


If you’re looking for any easy way to keep your customers aware of the current balances on the gift vouchers, then you have to check this OpenCart extension.  This extension for OpenCart adds an additional page to your customer account area, and it includes useful information like their available balances and the gift certificates they’ve received.

Gift Registry PRO


A gift registry is a great way for your customers to share their wishlists with friends and family, and this OpenCart extension makes it easy for you to offer this service to your visitors.  Gift Registry PRO comes with a number of useful features, including gift prioritization, support for multiple registries for each customer, registry sharing, password protection, direct shipping to recipients, and more.

Gift Wrapping Module


This OpenCart extension allows you to offer gift wrapping to your site’s visitors, a service that will save your customers time and help increase your store’s revenue during the holiday season.  Gift Wrapping Module comes with a number of options, such as individual packaging of products, gift notes, packaging of multiple items, and more.

Gift Combinations – Many Combinations


Offering free gifts to your customers is a great way to entice them into purchasing items from your store, and this extension for OpenCart makes it incredibly easy for you to create and manage lots of different promotions.  This OpenCart extension enables you to give your visitors free gifts when they purchase certain products, spend over a specific amount, place orders on a particular day of the week, and much more.

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