5 of the Best Free Magento Extensions for Gift Giving

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If you’re looking for a way to make it easier and more fun for your customers to give your products as gifts, then you have to check out our favourite free Magento extensions for gift giving.  We’ve found Magento extensions to help your customers buy gift cards for your store, send gifts to friends using text messages, email, or Facebook, virtually wrap gifts, record video messages for gift recipients, and club together to purchase presents for friends and family.

Devsters Gift Cards

devsters gift cards free magento extension

This free Magento extension allows you to sell virtual gift cards for your store and accept them as a payment type. Plus, this extension will automatically generate the gift card number when the order’s invoice is created, and your customers can combine their gift cards with an additional method of payment.

Send as Gift

send as gift free magento extension

This free Magento extension allows users to suggest gifts for their friends or family using email, text messages, or Facebook.  The recipient can accept or decline the gift; if they accept the gift, they simply provide their mailing address, and then the gift giver completes the order.

Virtual Wrapping for Gift Cards

virtual gift wrap free magento extension

This free Magento extension allows customers to virtually wrap gifts, so recipients have to complete puzzles or sort through photos to see their presents.  This extension makes gift giving easy and fun, and it includes social media integration, instant or scheduled delivery, mobile support, and more.


vimesso free magento extension

With this free Magento extension your customers can choose to add a video message during checkout which they will then upload to Vimesso.  Vimesso will send you a URL or QR code to include on the delivery slip or a gift card which the recipient will be able to use to view the video message as they unwrap their present.


shareagift free magento extension

This free Magento extension will allow your customers to club together to buy gifts for friends and family, helping to increase your store’s brand awareness.  Plus, this extension enables you to sell your items or gift cards on the Shareagift Group Store, as well gain insight into how people purchase gifts as groups.

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