5 of the Best Free Facebook OpenCart Extensions

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If you want to integrate Facebook into your ecommerce website, then you have to check these free OpenCart extensions.  We’ve found OpenCart extensions designed to tell your store’s customers if their friends have purchased items from your website, allow people to login to your site using their existing Facebook accounts, display a like box on your shop’s website, and more.

Facebook friends who shopped here


When a customer logs in to your online store using Facebook, this free OpenCart extension will show them which of their Facebook friends have purchased items from your store.  This extension is easy to install and configure, making it a great way to help give new customers more confidence in your business.

Facebook Connect – Free


This free OpenCart extension enables your customers to login to your online store using their existing Facebook profiles, saving them time otherwise spent on creating accounts specifically for your website.

OpenCart Facebook Popup Like Box


If you’re looking for a way to increase your fans on Facebook, then you have to check out this free OpenCart extension.  When someone visits your online store, a like box will appear, showcasing your existing fans and encouraging visitors to like your company on Facebook.

Facebook Likebox and News KSZ


In addition to a like box, this free OpenCart extension will also display your latest Facebook posts on your store’s website.  This OpenCart offers lots of customisation options, easy installation and configuration, and a responsive design.

Facebook Comment Box


If you’re looking for an easy way to encourage your website’s visitors to provide feedback on your products, then you have to check out this free OpenCart extension.  Facebook Comment Box enables your customers to comment on your product detail pages using their existing social media accounts, and it offers vQmod support.

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