10 of the Best Social Networking Modules for PrestaShop

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If you’re looking for some unique ways to drive traffic to your online store, increase sales, and offer a better shopping experience to your customers, then you have to check out our favourite social networking modules for PrestaShop.

We’ve chosen 10 of our favourite social media PrestaShop plugins to share with you, and these modules will allow your customers to login to your site using their Facebook or Google+ credentials, as well as share your store’s products and pages using loads of different social networks. We’ve also found lots of Facebook modules for PrestaShop to help you display your products on your company’s page, create custom promotions specifically for the social network, automatically update your page when you add new inventory, and more.

Module Login Block + Facebook and Google Connect

module login block facebook google connect prestashop module

If you want to make your store’s order process even easier for your customers, then you have to check out this social networking PrestaShop Module. With Module Login Block + Facebook and Google Connect, people can login to your online store using their existing Facebook and Google profile credentials, which means they don’t have to create a new username and password to purchase items from your site. This PrestaShop module also allows you to choose where the login block appears on your site, and it’s easy to install.

Facebook PS Shop Tab

facebook ps shop tab prestashop module

Facebook PS Shop Tab, a social networking PrestaShop module, enables you to display your store’s products directly on your Facebook page, so people can easily check out your inventory. This PrestaShop extension is compatible with multishop, and it supports Google Analytics integration, so you can easily gauge its effectiveness. Plus, it includes an optional feature that requires people to like your page before they can see its contents, which can help you increase your Facebook fans.

Facebook PS Essentials

facebook ps esssentials facebook like twitter etc prestashop module

This social networking PrestaShop module offers lots of different widgets which your customers can use to share and like your products using Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Facebook PS Essentials also allows you to add your Facebook and Twitter feeds to your online store, and it uses an Ajax/jQuery drag and drop interface, making it extremely user-friendly.

Coupons for Facebook Friends

coupons for facebook friends prestashop module

If you’re looking for a way to get your existing Facebook fans to spread the word about your online store, then you have to try Coupons for Facebook Friends. This PrestaShop social networking module allows you to create a custom promo code to display on your Facebook page. Then, your fans can select the friends they want to share your discount with, and they will receive the voucher in their Facebook inboxes.

Facebook Like, Google+ 1, Tweet, AddThis

facebook like google+ 1 tweet addthis prestashop module

Facebook Like, Google+ 1, Tweet, AddThis is a PrestaShop social networking module which you can use to add sharing buttons to your online store. This extension includes horizontal and vertical layout options, and you can display the buttons in your choice of 9 different places. This PrestaShop module is simple and easy to use, making it a good way to help your store get more exposure.

Facebook PS Wall Posts

facebook ps wall posts prestashop module

If you want to keep your company’s Facebook fans up to date about your latest brands, products, and categories, then you should try using Facebook PS Wall Posts. This PrestaShop social networking module will automatically post images, descriptions, and links when you add new items to your store or when previously out of stock products become available again. Facebook PS Wall Posts also includes multiple customisation options, so you can choose to only automatically publish products from certain categories, delay publication, and control the length of item descriptions.

Facebook and Twitter Widgets (2 in 1)

facebook twitter widgets 2 in 1 prestashop module

With this PrestaShop module you can add sharing buttons for Twitter and Facebook, as well as your company’s Twitter feed and a Facebook fanbox, to your store, which can help you increase your followers on these social networks and hopefully your sales. Also, Facebook and Twitter Widgets (2 in 1) offers support for English, Italian, German, French and Spanish.

Facebook, Twitter, etc. (23 in 1)

facebook twitter etc 23 in 1 prestashop module

This PrestaShop module combines lots of different social networking plugins, giving you loads of options to choose from. With Facebook, Twitter, etc. (23 in 1), your customers can login to your store using their credentials for 10 different sites, including Yahoo, Facebook, Flickr, and Blogger, and you can reward people for referring their friends to your website using 4 social networks. This extension also allows you to add like and share buttons for a number of sites and lets your customers make comments using their Facebook profiles.

Facebook PS Photo Albums

facebook ps photo albums prestashop module

If you want a quick and easy way to create photo galleries of your store’s products for your company’s Facebook page, then you should check out this social media module for PrestaShop. Facebook PS Photo Albums allows you to search your inventory by brand, name or category to quickly find the products you want to use to create a gallery. Then, simply select your desired images, and this extension will create your photo gallery and post an update to let your fans know you’ve added a new album.

Share on Social Network

share on social network prestashop module

Share on Social Network, a PrestaShop social networking module, enables you to add sharing icons to your store for 12 different sites and services, including LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google+, Mixx, Stumbleupon, Reddit and Digg, so visitors can easily tell their friends about your company. Plus, this PrestaShop offers language support for Italian, German, English, French and Spanish.

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