The Best Free Drupal Advertising Modules

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If you need to earn some extra money to cover the costs associated with your website, then you have to check out our favourite free advertising modules for Drupal.  With these free modules you can display rotating banner ads, create a classified ads section with paid listings, or use a page peel effect to display ads in a unique and interesting way. 

We’ve also found some Drupal modules to help you manage ads from multiple networks using a single interface, add a simple of block of ads to your site, or create your own advertising system complete with useful statistics and analytics.


advertisement drupal module

With Advertisement, a free Drupal advertising module, you can add a complete advertising system to your website to help you display banner and text ads, as well as track impressions and clicks.  This Drupal module also offers support for external caching, unlimited configurable ad groups, and starting and stopping ads based on clicks, views, or time.

Rotor Banner

rotor banner drupal module

If you want to display advertising on your site in a unique and dynamic way, then you have to check out Rotor Banner, a free advertising module for Drupal.  This free module enables you to create blocks of rotating content, such as ads, and it includes 25 transition effects, clickable tabs, pause on hover, jQuery effects, and more.

Classified Ads

classified ads drupal module

Another way you can sell advertising on your website is by creating a classified ads section using Classified Ads, a free Drupal module.  This advertising module offers a system which you can use to charge people who want to post ads on your site, and it comes with automatic warning notifications to tell users about the status of their ads, taxonomy-based browsing, and more.


curlypage drupal module

With Curlypage, a free advertising module, you can easily add page peel ads to your website to help you dynamically display a range of different ads.  This module offers 3 styles for you to choose from, support for up to four ads on the same page, sound effects, configurable speed, support for JPG, PNG, SWF, and static GIF formats, automatic open and close features, and more.

Simple Ad Block

simple ad block drupal module

If you’re looking for an easy way to display ads on your website, then you have to try Simple Ad Block, a free Drupal advertising module.  This free module allows you to add a block of advertisements to your site simply by pasting the relevant code provided by advertising networks like Google AdSense.

Ad Manager

ad manager drupal module

Ad Manager, a free advertising module for Drupal, enables you to easily manage ads from various advertising networks using a single interface.  This free Drupal module supports networks like Google AdSense and DoubleClick, making it a great tool for anyone who displays ads from multiple sources on their website.

Ad GeoIP

ad geoip drupal module

This free Drupal module works in conjunction with the Advertisement module to provide geotargeting functionality.  With Ad GeoIP you can choose to only display certain ads to people in specific cities, regions, or countries, giving you more control over the effectiveness of the ads on your website.

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