More of the Best Free & Premium Ecommerce Icon Sets

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Ecommerce icons are a great way to make your online store more attractive and easier to use, so we’ve chosen our favourite sets of icons for internet shops to share with you.  These icon sets come with useful elements like shopping carts, baskets, and bags, barcodes, various types of currency and payment methods, tags and stickers for sales and discounts, and much more. 

Shopping Icons

shopping ecommerce icons

This free set of ecommerce icons features 21 different icons, including a hanger, calculator, barcode, open sign, boxes, shopping bags and baskets, and money.

Payment Icons for eCommerce Online Shopping

payment icons for ecommerce online shopping

This set of ecommerce icons offers 52 payment icons in 3 different sizes for sites and services like Ebay, Amazon, PayPal, 2Checkout, and VeriSign.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart and Basket Flat Icons Set

flat shopping basket cart icons

This set of 24 flat ecommerce vector icons features 5 colour schemes for you to choose from, 6 available styles, and easy customisation.

Ecommerce and Business Icon Set

ecommerce and business icon set

This set of free ecommerce icons comes with lots of different icons, including QR codes, a sale sign and tag, people, payment methods, a calendar, and more.

Very Simple E-Commerce Card Icons

very simple ecommerce card icons

This free set has ecommerce icons for 56 different service providers, including Fedex, Geotrust, Cirrus, Visa Electron, Maestro, PayPal, and more.

Outline E-Commerce Icon Set

outline ecommerce icon set

This set of 90 ecommerce vectors icons offers 12 colour variations, giving you loads to choose from.

POS Machine Icons

pos machine ecommerce icons

This set of free of ecommerce icons offers point of sale machines in 3 sizes for Visa, PayPal, American Express, and MasterCard.

Pretty Office Icon Set

pretty office ecommerce icons

This set of 30 free ecommerce icons comes with images of open and closed signs, a delivery truck, a shop, various currencies, and more.

40 Minimalist E-commerce & Business Icons

40 minimalist ecommerce business icons

This set of 40 minimal ecommerce icons offers different currencies, phones, a sales tag and sales badge, people, and more.

Exclusive Free eCommerce Icons

exclusive free ecommerce icons

This free set of ecommerce icons in small and large sizes comes with a wallet, phone, shopping cart, register, delivery trucks, credit cards, a warehouse, and more.

50 Metro Style Ecommerce Icons with 900 Variations

metro style ecommerce icons

This set of 50 of ecommerce icons in 18 design variations gives you loads of options to choose from, and it includes discount stickers, shopping carts, payment methods, a piggy bank, an open sign, and more.

Online Payment Icons

online payment ecommerce icons

This set of vector icons has 15 icons for sites and services like Google Wallet, Western Union, Discover, MasterCard, and Amazon.

Business and e-Commerce Icons Set

business ecommerce icon set

This set of 25 ecommerce icons in 3 different sizes offers a clock, a wallet, a delivery truck, a cash register, a briefcase, a calendar, various payment methods, and more.

Shopping Cart Icon (PSD)

shopping cart psd ecommerce icons

This shopping cart icon features a PSD file, so you can customise it to your exact needs, as well as PNG icons in 4 different sizes.

50 Business and Ecommerce Icons

50 business ecommerce icons

This set of 50 ecommerce vector icons comes with pie charts, shopping carts, phones, sales tags, speech bubbles, monitors, a tablet, boxes, clocks, and more.

Charming Boutique Icon Set

charming boutique ecommerce icons

This free set of 30 ecommerce icons includes a map, a clock, a dress form, an auction gavel, a shopping basket and cart, a shopping list, and more.

European Payment Web Icons Set

european payment ecommerce icons

This set of 43 free ecommerce icons offers icons for debit and credit companies like Solo, Switch, Visa Electron, Cirrus, ItalCard, and more.

50 Online Shop Icons

50 online shop ecommerce icons

This set contains 50 ecommerce icons in 4 different styles, and it features a shopping cart and basket, multiple payment methods, arrows, a headset, and more.

Free eCommerce Icon Pack 1

free ecommerce icon pack 1

This free set of 6 ecommerce icons in 6 sizes comes with a present, a leather wallet, a shopping cart, a box, a piggy bank, and a shopping bag.

20 Flat Ecommerce Icons Set

20 flat ecommerce icons

This set of 20 flat ecommerce icons includes shopping carts, a clock, a calendar, speech bubbles, a cardboard box, sale stickers, and more.

Shopping Icons for iOS 7

shopping ecommerce icons for ios7

This set of 10 free ecommerce icons has simple images of payment methods, boxes, and a shopping basket.

Free Shopping Icons

free shopping ecommerce icons

This set of 3 free ecommerce icons features a green shopping bag, a cardboard box filled with packing material and a teddy bear, and a brown leather wallet.

25 Metro eCommerce Systems Icons

metro ecommerce systems icons

This set of 25 ecommerce icons offers chart, delivery date, mail, discount, shopping cart, and payment icons in a simple style.

Freepik:  Free eCommerce Icons

freepik free ecommerce icons

This free set includes 250 ecommerce vector icons for discounts, currencies, shopping carts, payment methods, delivery options, and more.

20 Icons for iOS7

20 icons for ios7

This set of 20 free ecommerce icons offers a simple style, and it comes with various sales tags, shopping carts, keys, and more.

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