How to Get Your Site Ready for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is coming soon, so loads of people are looking for the perfect gifts for their significant others.  If you want to make your online store more attractive to these shoppers, then you should create a section on your site specifically for Valentine’s Day.

You can also add some festive fun to your online store by decorating your Valentine’s Day page, or even your entire site, with some romantic touches.  To help inspire you, I’ve rounded up some websites with great Valentine’s Day designs, and I’ve even found some free and premium backgrounds, icons, brushes, and images you can use to recreate these looks on your own ecommerce site!

Chocolate Buttons

chocolate buttons valentines day web design example

I really like the black and white heart background on Chocolate Buttons!  It’s a bit different from the usual red and pink hearts, and I think it’s a great way to add some romance to a website.

If you want to get this look on your own site, then check out this free background with white hearts on black or this free background with hand drawn white hearts on black.

Clinton Cards

clinton cards valentines day web design example

I really like the hand drawn Valentine’s background on Clinton Card’s site, as well as the hearts on the product boxes and banner.

You can use this free set of hand drawn heart brushes to decorate your banner, background and product boxes, or you can save some time and purchase this hand drawn heart seamless background.

Getting Personal

getting personal valentines day web design example

The heart pattern on this site’s product boxes has a bokeh feel, and I love the use of colours other than just red and pink.

To create this look on your site, check out this blue and green bokeh heart background or this red and pink bokeh heart background.  You can also try this free red bokeh heart background or this free bokeh heart background in pink.


godiva valentines day web design example

Godiva uses pink and purple balloons to make an unusual banner for Valentine’s day–I really like this unique design!

To recreate this look on your own site, use this image of pink ballons or this photo of red heart balloons.

House of Fraser

house of fraser valentines day web design example

House of Fraser has created a festive Valentine’s day page using a background with repeated text.

For a similar look on your own site, use this love text vector with hearts background or this seamless love background in pink, red and cream.

John Lewis

john lewis valentines day web design example

I like the simplicity of John Lewis’ Valentine’s Day banner–the hearts are modern and sweet.

To replicate this banner on your own website, check out this free collection of 33 heart icons; you can tweak them in Photoshop to get the look you want.  Alternatively, you can use this set of heart icons in various shades of red and pink.

Marks and Spencer

marks and spencer valentines day web design example

I love the scroll pattern used in Marks and Spencer’s Valentine’s Day banner–it looks elegant and fun.

If you want to recreate this look, use this background with red hearts and scrolls or this pink and white background with scrolls and flowers.


paperchase valentines day web design example

I really love the hand drawn elements used in Paperchase’s Valentine’s Day banner, and the heart background is really fun!

To get this look on your own site, use this set of pink and red love doodles or this set of hand drawn icons for Valentine’s Day.  For the background, use this set of 4 different seamless heart patterns in shades of red and pink.


prezzybox valentines day web design example

I adore the Valentine’s Day banner on Prezzybox’s site–the tree and lovebirds are just perfect!

If you want to create a similar banner for your site, then use this vector image of birds and a tree of love or this image of lovebirds perched in a tree with heart shaped leaves.

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    This was a really nice post and I enjoyed it a lot. I totally agree that it is worth spending your time to make your site look festive, especially on a day like St. Valentine’s! Although the websites that I listed, I did not quite like the one called Paperchase. The problem is … it looks a bit too crowded, too much stuff, don’t you think? Not sure if you are into webdesign, but if you are, then recall about the importance of having some white spaces 🙂 But the list is great and happy upcoming St. Valentine’s day to you!

  2. On February 2, 2012 at 12:28 pm

    Phone service said:

    Valentine is one occasion when whole of the web turns PINK.

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