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One page websites have been around for a while now, but they’ve changed quite a bit over the past couple of years.  The first sites I saw using one page designs were mainly portfolio sites for web designers, and almost all of them used vertical scrolling. 

Now, loads of individuals, businesses, and organisations are using them for a range of different purposes, and horizontal scrolling has become much more popular.  In fact, some single page websites even combine horizontal and vertical scrolling, which works surprisingly well.

One page websites are now used for weddings and giveaways, restaurants and hotels, books and non-profits, services and products, games and apps, and of course photographers, designers, and marketing agencies!

Single page sites are easy to navigate, which is one of the reasons they’ve become so popular for so many different types of websites.  Plus, one page sites are ideal for websites with a small amount of content, and the layout is the perfect outlet for creativity.


polecat one page website design example

Polecat, a team of software developers based in the Ukraine, uses a one page design for their site.  This vertical scrolling site is full of quirky and interesting illustrations, which enables Polecat to make a big impact with a small website!

Aboard Entrepreneurship

aboard entrepreneurship one page website design example

Aboard Entrepreneurship, a book which will include essays from successful businesspeople, features a nautical theme and vertical navigation on their website.  The site’s map background and maritime touches are a great take on  entrepreneurship, making this one page design fun and memorable.


head2heart one page website design example

Head2Heart, a charitable organisation, uses single page design to mimic the journey referenced in their motto.  The site employs horizontal scrolling to effectively communicate Head2Heart’s mission, as well as the ways people can get involved with the organisation.

Ladybird School of Motoring

ladybird school of motoring one page website design example

The website for Ladybird School of Motoring uses one page web design in a unique and playful way, ensuring this driving school stands out from its competitors.  When navigating from one page to the next, horizontal scrolling makes it seem as the though a car is driving across the screen.

Ben the Bodyguard

ben the bodyguard one page website design example

The website for Ben the Bodyguard, an iPhone app, uses one page web design to engage visitors and give them a taste of what the application has to offer.  The ingenious use of vertical scrolling makes this feel less like a website and more like a game, which is sure to make users want to download Ben the Bodyguard.


campfire one page website design example

This single page design for Campfire, a marketing agency, uses both horizontal and vertical scrolling, which makes this colourful portfolio site stand out from the rest.


bhxii one page website design example

(Bh)xII™, a platform for chronicling media, uses horizontal and vertical scrolling on its single page site.  Instead of clicking buttons or menu items, visitors use arrow keys to navigate this website, which actually makes it easier to get around than other one page sites that combine both horizontal and vertical scrolling.


loveandmustache one page website design example

loveandmoustache is a single page wedding website which guests can use to RSVP, as well find out more information about the bridal party, venue and registry.  This site’s horizontal scrolling and vintage design make this one page wedding website quirky, cool and memorable.

Farmhouse Fare

farmhouse fare one page website design example

Single page websites work well for all kinds of products, including Farmhouse Fare’s traditional puddings.  Horizontal scrolling makes this site feel like a tour of someone’s home kitchen, which works perfectly for Farmhouse Fare’s handmade puddings.

Dairy Maniacs

dairy maniacs one page website design example

Dairy Maniac’s giveaway website is fun and colourful, and the one page design is perfect for this site’s small amount of content.  Users can quickly find all of the information they need to receive a prize simply by scrolling or clicking on menu items.

Lomotek Polymers (23-Nov-2013: Site is now offline)

lomotek polymers one page website design example

Lomotek Polymer single page site makes a relatively mundane product (polymer powder) seem a lot more interesting, proving one page web design is suitable for almost any company or organisation.

Donkey Kong Country Returns

donkey kong country returns one page website design example

The one page website for the game Donkey Kong Country Returns is full of cool animations and illustrations, which would probably wouldn’t have the same impact if they were used on a traditional brochure site.

Lue Hotel

lue hotel one page website design example

Lue Hotel’s single page site proves hotels and B&Bs don’t have to settle for traditional websites.  The site’s vertical scrolling and vintage web design make this nearly 100 year old hotel seem modern and historical at the same time.

If you need to create a small site, or you’re thinking of redesigning your current website, then a one page website might just be the perfect solution.  If you aren’t a web designer, or you simply don’t have to time to build a site from scratch, then check out sites like Themeforest for one page website templates.  There are so many single page site templates available, and most of them can be customised fairly easily.

If your main site is relatively small, but you have a blog with loads of posts, don’t let this deter you from using a one page design for your website.  Like many of the examples listed above, you can simply include a link in your site’s navigation menu, which will take users to your blog.

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  1. On August 20, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    Dave@ Web Design Lincoln said:

    They are ace! Clever thinking behind them too – I like the aboard apprenticeship one!

  2. On August 18, 2011 at 4:51 am

    Online Editing Services said:

    Great posting. I’ve been considering this for my online editing and proofreading services website, with a navigation around the page that describes the service selection and payment processes, though I’m worried that it wouldn’t allow me enough space for service descriptions. But I’m sure I could have a few links at the top of the page for those. Thanks for the great ideas!

  3. On August 15, 2011 at 9:51 pm

    Matt Hempsell said:

    mm the best is the Farmhouse Fare, those cakes look good enough to eat! One page sites are a good idea as it keeps all the informaion in one place meaning no searching and if you are into SEO then if keeps an entire sites link joice on one page.

  4. On August 10, 2011 at 10:23 am

    Murat said:

    My favorite is Lue Hotel. Very clever marketing tactics here and the website tells what is all about. Head2Heart design is also a nice one.

  5. On August 8, 2011 at 9:42 am

    Mia said:

    The sites are really inspiring, this is what thinking outside the box mean!