The Best Hand-Drawn Icon Sets

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If you want to incorporate hand drawn elements into your website, desktop, or application, then these icons might just be what you’ve been looking for!  I’ve chosen several of my favourite free and premium hand drawn icon sets, and they include some great icons for online stores, blogs, photography sites, mobile and desktop applications, and social media.

Cute Icons

free cute hand drawn icons

This free set of adorable handdrawn icons includes a heart, star, camera, clock, screwdriver, gift, and more.

Freehand Icons

freehand hand drawn vector icons

This set offers 157 hand-drawn vector icons which you can use on your website or computer, making it a fun and versatile option.

Gaia Icons

gaia free hand drawn icons

This free set includes 52 colourful and unique handdrawn icons for you to choose from.

Watercolour Icons for the Web – Black & White

watercolour black white hand drawn web icons

This set comes with more than 200 handdrawn icons, including colour and greyscale icons for your favourite social media sites.

200 Hand Drawn Icons

200 scalable hand drawn icons

This set contains hundreds of hand drawn icons in 4 different sizes and 5 different file types, and they’re all completely scalable.

Sketch Icons

sketch free hand drawn icons

This free set of 16 handdrawn icons, available in colour and black and white, includes a calendar, phone, map, shopping basket, laptop, package, and more.

Design Elements for Coffee Company

design elements for coffee company hand drawn icons

This set of hand drawn design elements includes loads of different types of coffee makers, cups, mugs, and beans for you to choose from.

Marker-Style Icons

marker style hand drawn icons

You can use these simple handdrawn icons to add a bit of interest to your website without detracting attention from your overall design.

Social Sketches

social sketches hand drawn icons

These handdrawn social media icons are colourful and cool, making them a great option for people who want to add some unique touches to their websites.

Marcker Icons

marcker colourful hand drawn icons

This set of 35 colourful hand-drawn icons is perfect for applications, but you can also use these icons on your computer or website.

Sketch Social Icons

sketch hand drawn social icons

This set of 16 hand-drawn social media icons comes in 3 sizes for you to choose from.

25 Icons Fingerprint

25 fingerprint hand drawn icons

This set includes 25 handdrawn icons in 3 different sizes and 2 different colours.

Social Media Icons

free hand drawn social media icons

This free set offers colourful handdrawn icons for your favourite social networks, including Pinterest and Google+.

Ramshackle–Drawn Icons

ramshackle hand drawn icons

These handdrawn icons have an aged and distressed look, and they include a padlock, trash can, hammer, magnifying glass, envelope, and more.

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