The Best Free & Premium Flat Website Icon Sets

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If you’re looking for some simple icons for your site, then you have to check out our favourite free and premium flat website icon sets.  Flat design is free from gradients and shadows, resulting in a clean and minimal look.  To help you bring this design trend to your own website, we’ve chosen our favourite flat website icon sets.

These flat website icon sets include social media, ecommerce, business, email, weather, and web design icons, so hopefully at least one of these sets will be right for your needs.

Flat Social Icon Set

flat social icon set

This free set contains 10 flat social media icons for sites like Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook.

Flat Design Icons Set Vol 1

flat design icons vol 1

This free set comes with 16 flat icons including calculator, calendar, map, mail, clock, speech bubble icons.

Eldorado Mini

eldorado mini flat website icons

This free set of 1262 flat icons has mini icons for food, travel, ecommerce, entertainment, weather, science, and more.

Email Icons

flat email icons

This free set of flat email icons comes with multiple colour variations for you to choose from.


flat publishing icons

This free set of 12 flat icons has icons for various publishing platforms, including WordPress, Twitter, Blogger, Joomla and Drupal.

Flat UI Icons

flat ui icons

This set of 40 flat user interface icons comes with weather, music, ecommerce, support, and web design icons.

Flat Design Icons Set Vol 2

flat design icons set vol 2

This free set of 16 flat icons offers upload, email, wallet, cash, heart, and chart icons.

20 Flat Icons (PSD)

20 flat icons psd

This free set of 20 flat icons features security, map marker, camera, pie chart, search, phone, and email vectors.

24 Flat Icons (PSD)

24 flat icons psd

This free set of 24 flat icons comes with speech bubble, map, smartphone, social media, play, pause, and refresh icons.

80 Flat Social Icons

80 flat social icons

This set of 80 flat social media icons has icons for Pinterest, Reddit, Dribble, Google+ and Flickr in round and square styles and 8 different sizes.

Flat Design Icons Set Vol 3

flat design icons set vol 3

This free set of 16 flat icons offers delivery, television, printer, credit card, trash, and security icons.

Freebie PSD — Flat Icons

freebie psd flat icons

This free set of 8 flat icons includes calendar, smartphone, tablet, webcam, and clock icons.

Flat Design Icons Set Vol 4

flat  design icons vol 4

This free set of 16 flat icons has support, phone, chart, weather, folder, microphone, and search icons.

Flat Icons (PSD) #2

flat psd icons 2

This set of 9 flat icons features padlock, map, camera, rocket, smartphone, mail, and search icons.

100 Flat Icons for Graphic Designers

100 flat icons for graphic designers

This free set of 100 colourful flat icons comes with icons for sites like Amazon, IMDB, Vine, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Ebay, Vimeo, and Facebook.

Flat UI Free

free flat ui vector icons

This free set of 14 flat icons features shopping bag, clock, timer, gift, map, calendar, and checklist icons.

Free Colorful Icons

free flat colorful icons

This free set of 12 flat icons includes icons for Skype, Google Chrome, Evernote, Gmail, Spotify, and more.

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