The Best Free & Premium Ecommerce Icon Sets

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If you need some icons to make your online store more intuitive for your visitors, create promotional images, or simply show which payment methods you accept, then this post is for you!

I’ve chosen several of my favourite sets of ecommerce icons in a range of different colours, styles, and sizes, so you should be able to find at least one pack that matches your online store’s branding and colour scheme.  These sets include lots of shopping carts and baskets, icons for practically every credit card company, payment processor, and payment type, loads of sales tags and stickers, and much more!

Shop Icons

free shop ecommerce icons

This free set of ecommerce icons includes a shopping bag and basket, gold and silver stars, a credit card, and a padlock.

Professional E-Commerce Icons

professional ecommerce icons

Whether you sell digital or tangible goods, this free set offers pretty much everything you need for your online store, including shopping carts, bags and baskets, download, email, and search icons, and open and closed signs.

21 e-commerce pictograms

pictograms ecommerce icons

This set of glossy ecommerce icons includes png and psd files, so you can use them as they are or customise them to your needs.

Credit Cards Icons Set

credit cards free ecommerce icons set

This set of free icons is perfect for showing your customers which payment methods you accept, including PayPal, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, bank transfers, and gift vouchers.

E Commerce Icons

free ecommerce icons

This free set includes icons for new and sale items, as well as a wallet and empty and full shopping carts and bags.

E-Commerce Icons

minimalist free ecommerce icons

If you’re looking for some minimalist icons for your online store, then this set is for you.  This free pack comes with tons of different ecommerce icons, including lots of sale tags in a range of different styles and with various discount amounts.

Credit Card Icons

free credit card ecommerce icons

This free ecommerce set offers 20 icons for a number of different credit card companies and payment methods, including Maestro, Switch, Cirrus, Solo, and Delta.

icon set n°9 – commerce theme

high resolution ecommerce icons

This set of 12 high resolution ecommerce icons includes a shopping cart and basket, 2 different types of packages, a gold sticker, and a sign with text which you can edit.

Sale Labels, Shopping Stickers and Tags Vector Set

sale labels shopping stickets tags vector ecommerce icons

These glossy red sales tags, labels, and stickers are great for highlighting your special offers.  Plus, this set includes some blank versions which you can customise with your own text or images.

Payment Icons

free payment ecommerce icons

This free set contains 6 icons for various payment methods, including cheque, Google Checkout, PayPal, and BACS.

Price Tag Vector Set

price tag vector ecommerce icons

This set includes lots of blank sales tags in a range of different colours which you can use to create a fun promotional image.

ECO Icon

eco ecommerce icons

This set of 9 icons features ecommerce elements, such as shopping baskets and carts, combined with green leaves, making it perfect for environmentally friendly online stores.

Credit Card Icons Icons

free credit card ecommerce icons

If you need to communicate your accepted payment methods to your customers, then check out this free set of 6 icons.

Stylish e-Commerce Icon Set

stylish free ecommerce icons

This free set of ecommerce icons comes in blue, orange, and green, so you can choose the version which works best with your website’s branding.

White Shopping Bag Vector Set

free white shopping bag ecommerce icons

This free set of 4 white shopping bags is perfect for creating custom icons or images.

40 e-Commerce icons

40 customisable ecommerce icons

This set of 40 ecommerce icons includes a colour adjustment layer, so you can easily customise them to match your site’s branding.

Payment Methods Icons Set Vol 1

free payment methods ecommerce icons vol 1

This free set features icons for 17 payment methods, including Western Union, Direct Debit, Wirecard, Diners Club, e-gold, and WorldPay.

Shopping Icons

free shopping ecommerce icons

This free set of ecommerce icons includes sale tags, a calculator, shopping bags, a bar code, and a shopping trolley and basket.

Credit Card Icon Pack

free credit card ecommerce icon pack

This free ecommerce pack features 35 icons you can use for your online store.

E-commerce Icons (Carts & Preferences)

carts preferences commerce icons

This set of ecommerce icons comes in 4 different colour schemes (blue, green, red, and grey), and it includes icons for gift wrapping, delivery, discounts, refunds, wishlists, and more.

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