10 of the Best Joomla Menu Extensions

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The type of menu you use for your website can have a big impact on its appearance and usability, so we’ve chosen 10 of our favourite menu extensions for Joomla to help you find the right navigation option for your site.  These Joomla extensions will help you create a range of different menus, including image-based, responsive, and accordion styles. 

Some of these menu extensions also include features like multiple animation effects, text transitions, easy colour customisation, and corner styling.  Plus, a few of these Joomla extensions allow you to load modules within menus, while others are compatible with popular extensions like Virtuemart, K2, and ZOO.

Sexy ImageMenu

sexy imagemenu joomla extension

If you want to create a menu featuring your favourite images, then you have to check out Sexy ImageMenu.  This Joomla menu extension allows you to build a menu using up to 8 images, and you can add a title, link, and description to each one.  Plus, Sexy ImageMenu comes with lots of different effects designed to make your menu stand out.

Vertical Accordion Menu – All In One

vertical accordion menu all in one joomla extension

This menu extension for Joomla includes loads of different default styles for you to choose from, as well as lots of customisation options, such as animation effects, colours, icons, and text transitions.  Plus, Vertical Accordion Menu is compatible with a number of other Joomla components, including VirtueMart, K2, ZOO, Tienda, SobiPro, and Phoca Gallery.


ngmenu joomla extension

NGMenu, a free DHMTL/CSS menu system for Joomla, comes with several different horizontal and vertical menu styles for you to choose from, giving you loads of options for your site’s navigation.  Plus, this menu extension offers RTL support, as well as support for Google Web Fonts and @font-face kits.

Art Wijmo Menu

art wijmo menu joomla extension

With Art Mijomo Menu you can make cross-browser compatible horizontal and vertical menus which can be expanded when someone clicks, double clicks, or hovers over items.  Plus, this free Joomla menu extension comes with multiple themes for you try, a sliding menu type, and support for multiple menus on one page.

Spider Menu

spider menu joomla extension

If you want to build a unique menu for your website, then you have to check out this menu extension for Joomla.  With Spider Menu, if you hover over a menu item, a thumbnail image will pop up as the menu item drops down and any submenus slide out, all using cool jQuery effects.  This menu extension allows up to 4 submenu items for each menu item, and it provides lots of customisation options you can use to create navigation for your site.

ARI Ext Menu

ari ext menu joomla extension

This Joomla extension will help you create a simple yet functional dropdown menu that’s compatible with all modern browsers.  Plus, ARI Ext Menu is highly customisable, it supports vertical and horizontal layouts, it can be used for building multi-level menus, and it allows you to define the start and end levels of menus.

JSE Mega Menu

jse mega menu joomla extension

If you want to display a large of amount of content in your menu, then you have to try JSE Mega menu.  This menu system for Joomla will allow you to add videos, articles, images, modules, and text to your website’s menu, giving you loads of flexibility.  Plus, JSE Mega menu includes horizontal and vertical versions, 6 predefined styles, animations, and a responsive design for compatibility with tables and smartphones.

Accordeon Menu CK

accordeon menu ck joomla extension

Accordeon Menu CK is a Joomla extension for creating accordion style menus, and it comes with a number of different styling options to help you customise it to match the look of your site.  Plus, you can add descriptions and images for menu items, use multiple menus on a single page, and load any module in the menu structure, making it a very versatile accordion menu system.

Maxi Menu CK

maxi menu ck joomla extension

With Maxi Menu CK, a Joomla menu extension, you can easily add SEO-friendly vertical and horizontal responsive dropdown menus to your site.  Plus, it allows you to load modules in menus, it uses jQuery/Mootools effects, and it includes a stylesheet for RTL compatibility.  Maxi Menu CK is also compatible with ecommerce extensions like Virtuemart and Hikashop, so it can be used for online stores.


swmenu joomla extension

swMenu, a free Joomla extension, allows you to use Superfish, TransMenu, and MyGosu menu systems to build pop-put or dropdown menus for your website.  This menu extension offers Cufon Font integration, corner styling, a simple point-and-click interface, live previews, and Virtuemart compatibility, making swMenu a dynamic but easy to use tool for creating menus.

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