How to Enhance Your Photography Website/Blog

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There are loads of photography blogs and websites, but some are undeniably better than others.  To help you enhance your photo blog, I’ve identified some of the unique unique features found on major photography magazine websites like National Geographic and Digital Photographer.In addition to examples of these features, I’ve also found plugins and extensions you can use to replicate these interactive features on your own photography blog or website.

Photo Rating System

One of the keys to a successful photography website is getting your visitors involved. National Geographic has a section called Your Shot Voting Machine, which enables users to rank images on a scale of one to ten. If you’re looking for a way to engage your site’s visitors and receive feedback on your work, then you should consider letting users rate your photographs.

your shot voting machine

If you use WordPress for your photo blog, then check out WP Photo Album Plus, a free plugin with loads of features, including an image rating system.

Photography Face-Off

Another way to get visitors involved with your photography site is with an image face-off! Digital Photographer’s website includes a photography face-off feature: 2 images are pitted against one another, and users can choose their favourite. This feature encourages visitors to get involved, look at images, and spend more time on the site.

photo faceoff

If you use Joomla for your photography website, then check out Photo Battle Factory, a premium Joomla extension that enables users to choose their favourite image from two contenders.

Image Slide Puzzle

If you want people to come back to your photography website, then you’ve got to give them a reason to return. National Geographic offers the Slide Puzzle Generator, a feature that turns striking images into fun challenges. Offering a daily photo puzzle for your visitors to solve is a great way to encourage people to check out your site, and hopefully keep them coming back!

slide puzzle generator

If you use WordPress for your photography site, then check out WP-jqPuzzle, a free plugin designed to transform your images into brainteasers!

Photo Match Game

Another way to attract people to your photography site is by turning your images into a match game designed to test your visitors’ memories. National Geographic offers the Daily Dozen Match Game, a fun and challenging distraction that requires users to uncover and match images.

daily dozen match game

If you want to transform your photographs into a match game, then check out jQuery Memory Game, a free jQuery script!

Photo Map Gallery

ePHOTOzine has a photo map gallery feature which maps images based on where they were taken. Users can view photos by location using Google Maps, and these images can be filtered by type (such as nature or portraits), date of upload, and tons of other options.

photo map gallery

If you use and WordPress and you want to include a map of where your images were taken, then check out GeotagPhoto, a free plugin for WordPress!

Photo of the Day

National Geographic highlights a different image everyday with their Photo of the Day feature in the sidebar of their homepage. By showcasing a specific photograph, visitors are encouraged to click on the image and delve further into the site.

photo of the day

If you use WordPress for your photography blog or website, then you can install pFlickr Photo of the Day, a free WordPress plugin, to highlight an image from your Flickr stream in your site’s sidebar!

Photo Contest

Digital Photo has a Your Best Shot section where photographers can submit their images, which other users can rate on a scale of 1-5. The highest rated photo receives the People’s Choice Prize, and the winning image is featured in the Winner’s Gallery. Running a photo contest is a great way to get people involved with a photography blog or website!

photo contest

If you use WordPress for your photography blog, then you can use PhotoContest, a free plugin, to create and manage a contest.  This WordPress plugin enables subscribers to submit their images while other users cast their votes!

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  4. On August 22, 2011 at 12:01 am

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    Wow, National Geographic is a real trend setter when it comes to setting up a good photography blog. I guess one of the perks of being one of the biggest magazines in the world is having the time and money to devote to brainstorming new way to make your blog stand out.

    But for the smaller blogs, I’m happy to see that WordPress has so many free plugins that provide a lot of the same functionality that National Geographic’s blog has.

  5. On August 19, 2011 at 2:03 am

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    Hey i just picked up some really cool ideas for my site but asking users to submit photos that can be display on my website thanks 🙂

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    A brilliant list of resources you have here. I regularly display our costumes on blogs and have never really considered producing a professional photography site even though we hold regular photoshoots. I particularly like photo rating system as it could help us to identify the best images to use on certain product pages.