Get Your New .UK Domain Now!

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Do you own a domain? Did you know that Nominet have reserved the shorter and sharper .uk version of it for you? This means you have waiting for you to register it, instead of plain old!

Nominet have reserved .uk domains until 10th June 2019 for owners of domains registered before 29th October 2013, but after then anyone can register a .uk even if they don’t already own the version, so make sure to get yours before time runs out!

Visit our .uk landing page to register your .uk domain!

You can also now renew your UK domain for up-to 10 years for just £5.75+VAT per year. (This includes,,, and .uk).

To renew your domain:
– Visit
– Click ‘My Domains’
– Click ‘Manage Domain’
– Click ‘Renew Now’

As ever, if you have any trouble please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team. If you need help switching your site over to use .uk we’ll be happy to assist too!

Please Note: You have to register your .uk domain with the EXACT SAME details as your domain, or the registration will fail. If no version of the domain you want exists, you can order it using our regular domain registration tool. If the version does exist, you MUST OWN IT to register the .uk version. Full details for eligibility are here.

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