Earn Recurring £££ with our NEW UK Web Hosting Affiliate Scheme!

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We’re always working to make everything better by taking onboard your feedback. Based on that, we’ve made countless changes in the last year at Evo. We switched out our entire hosting infrastructure to much faster servers, rolled out phone and live chat support, added significantly more people to technical support and billing, added new fully managed VPS and Dedicated hosting plans, added LetsEncrypt support, and much more.

Now with all of this in place, we’re creating a new affiliate scheme.

If you had any funds in your affiliate account before 5th December 2016, they have be paid out to you as credit, to be used to pay new invoices.

New Affiliate Program Details

From 5th December 2016, refer a customer to Evohosting and you will receive:

– 15% for every shared hosting plan, on a recurring basis!
– 10% for every VPS or dedicated server, on a recurring basis!

Recurring payments

You can now earn recurring residual income from our affiliate scheme, which you can withdraw via PayPal! If you get refer someone to us, we keep paying you a set percentage every time they make a payment to us!

Affiliate Manager

An affiliate manager is available, your affiliate manager will provide you with:

– Your own personal promo codes (on request)
– Updates on upcoming promotions
– Assistance any affiliate questions

The more people you recommend to us, the more monthly payments you will build up for yourself — with no limit!

Questions? Your affiliate manager is 1 email away, simply email affiliate.questions [at] evohosting.co.uk to get in touch. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response during regular working hours. (Working hours for affiliate questions are 9am-5pm Mon-Fri).

Sign up for a client area account using the link below, then click the ‘Become an affiliate’ button once signed in.

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Terms & Conditions

1. To receive commission for an product, the referred customer MUST click your affiliate link within 30 days of placing the order. This places a cookie on their computer and enables us to credit the order to the correct affiliate.

2. An order must be made in your customer’s name, with your customer’s details. You cannot credit yourself for a sign-up. Affiliate funds will be removed from any customer signing themselves up using their own affiliate code.

3. Funds will be able to be withdrawn from your affiliate account 60 days after payment has taken place. Funds will not be credited to an affiliate if the referred customer requests a refund, performs a charge back, or is found to be using the service for illegal purposes (ie, phishing, spamming etc), or purposes mentioned in our T&Cs regarding unacceptable usage.

4. To be credited for an affiliate sign-up, the customer’s domain, website, or email must not already be on our system (as in, you cannot migrate sites etc from your account to a new one and be credited for the sign-up).

5. To request payout, go to the affiliates page in the clients area and click the button to request your cleared funds.

6. We will usually pay-out all requested funds on the last Friday of the month, as long as they have been requested 7 days prior. (Example, if we pay out on 27th of month, make sure to request payment by 20th to get that payment the same month). We need this time to ensure all payments are correct and that all T&Cs are adhered to.

7. Affiliates are not to spam sites, or send spam email when working with Evo, nor are you allowed to bid for terms related to ‘Evohosting’, ‘Evo’, ‘Evo Hosting’, ‘Paragon’, or any other terms which we deem are specifically brand related. If you are not sure, PLEASE ASK before doing.

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