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Blogging regularly is one of the best ways to improve your SEO, engage with your customers and show your expertise and willingness to help. It is always disappointing to click on a company’s blog only to find that it hasn’t been updated in months or that it’s only used to sell the company’s products. That’s why we’ve come up with these ten simple tips for making sure that your blog is always varied, interesting and effective.

Have an end goal

Blogging shouldn’t be too time-consuming but it is going to eat into your day so you need to make sure that all that time spent is going towards a business goal. A good blog will generate leads and increase your customers’ trust in you but before this can happen you need to take a little time to work out what you actually want it to do and what sort of content you need to produce to meet your goal.

Have a plan

As mentioned earlier, irregular blogs really put people off. On the other hand, you don’t want to scare people off by posting too often. How often you post content will depend on how much time you have and the nature of your business but aim for a minimum of one blog per fortnight to keep the content regular and relevant. Once you’ve decided on frequency, take a little time to come up with ideas for content and diarise writing it and posting it.

Vary your content

It’s important to remember that you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Not all of your content will be of interest to all of your readers. The best way to address the differing interests and needs of your customers is to make sure that you have a good mix of topics. Series – such as this one – can really help you to generate ideas. Aim to have two or three different topics and spread these out over your scheduled posts.

Vary your authors

Having posts written by different members of the team is very helpful in demonstrating the range of knowledge in your business as well as ensuring that much needed variety. If you don’t have great writers in your company, try taking just ten minutes to interview your colleagues and post the resulting copy – or video or audio – to your blog.

Curate and comment

Curated posts are simple to produce. They needn’t take long and you can show your expertise by commenting on each story. For example, if you run a recruitment consultancy, you might collate three or four stories about human resources or job seeking and write a few sentences about each one. This sort of content shows that you keep up with developments in your industry and have the expertise and confidence to share your opinion.


Another way to show off your knowledge is to review products or books relevant to your industry. Reviews do not need to be long – even 100 words is enough to show that you are up to date and informed. Best of all, if you get a lot of traffic to your blog you can monetise it by linking to the item you’re reviewing on an affiliate page.

Share your knowledge

Whether you’re an expert in plumbing or blogging, people need your expertise. Posting regular “how-to” guides is a fantastic way to show how much you know. It also helps your reader which will make them think well of you and your business. Again, try to vary your content, this time bearing in mind that you need to help people with no knowledge of the subject as well as people who are experts themselves.

Prove your point

One thing that works well for company blogs is to use any positive statistics relating to your business. Writing about an increase in sales or customer feedback, or external research showing that your product or service has health benefits, is a great way to subtly boast on your blog. Backing up your content with research or statistics is another great way to improve trust between you and your readers.

Show your personality

Dry, fact-based blogs may have a place in some sectors but chances are that your reader will engage more with your content if you put a little personality into it. Try featuring a member of your team once a month, or sharing favourite recipes or team news with your customers.

Keep at it!

As you become more adept at blogging, you’ll start to spot potential posts everywhere. Encourage feedback and comments from your readers and colleagues and maintain that steady flow of conversation. With the right mix of content and tone, you can easily generate excellent leads through your blog.

Let us know what works for you and we’ll share the best tips on our social media accounts!

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