Affiliate Scheme

Evohosting’s affiliate scheme gives you 20% back in credit when someone you refer via your affiliate link purchases our products/services for the first time!

Example: If someone clicks your affiliate link and then places and pays for an order worth £200+VAT, then we’ll give you £40 in account credit which you can use to pay your hosting bills, purchase domains, or any other product/service we provide.

To qualify for Evohosting’s affiliate scheme, you will need to sign up for a customer account with us (you do not need to be an actual Evohosting customer to register for a customer account). Once you have a customer account with Evohosting, click ‘Affiliates’ in the clients area, and then click ‘Activate Affiliate Account’.

We will provide you with your own unique affiliate code — you can either give the link directly to whomever you want to sign up, or you can link it to one of the banners we provide. When someone clicks the link, a cookie, which lasts for 30 days, is placed on their computer. If at any time during this 30 day period the customer purchases our products/services, 20% of their first order will be credited to your account (excluding VAT)!

Affiliate payments are set as pending for 30 days before they are available for withdrawal.  If the person you refer requests a refund, you will not receive credit for this order.

So, what are you waiting for? Spread the word about Evohosting, and get your website hosted with us for FREE!

The scheme is very simple — just follow the three steps below:

Step 1 – Sign up for a customer account and activate your Affiliate Account

Step 2 – Introduce your friends to Evohosting and give them your affiliate link

Step 3 – Receive payouts for free hosting and services from us!